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    $ History of the american watch case

    Hardback and dedicated, by Warren H. Neibling. Great condition. Can sbmit pics of cover and fly.
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    Looking for info on a Columbus PW

    I have a serial number and size. Need info on jewel count and model or grade number of this movement. Columbus, O.F. 18s,looks to be 17 jewel. Serial # 326,566 Thanks for any help on this. leghorn
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    Ansonia metal figure clocks

    On most of the metal figure clocks by Ansonia,Was the standard dial diameter about 51/2" ? Whether open escapement or not. I'm talking about ,maybe like the Cincinataus clock, or similar.
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    S.T Gingerbread Case clock

    Movement model: 89E What would cause it to get out of sync, and cause it to sound the Hr. and 1/2 hr. backwards, of what it would normally be. Pics, if needed. Any help appreciated. leghorn
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    S.T. Gingerbread clock

    I need your expertise in identifying this clock. Model and year would be great. I have to say it keeps good time , for it's age. Case needs work though. Not my clock. Am sending a couple of pics along. If more are needed, will comply. leghorn
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    Clock id needed

    i picked this one up at a yard sale today.I don't have a clue as to who it's made by. I read the letters DRGMN 11586, on the gong assembly. Their is a symbol on the movement, but I don't know who's it is. Any help appreciated on maker and about when it was made. Am sending pics along, hope that...
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    Info for Burlington P.W.

    16s, ser. #3,647,415, in a hunter case w/Monty dial. Any and all info appreciated. Thanks for any replies. leghorn
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    cleaning of a ladies wrist watch movement

    What is the best procedure to follow,once the movement is out of the case. leghorn
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    Sears Pocket watch

    Just came across one at a yard sale. Made in Great Britain. Nickel case, no jewels, no adjustment. Any ideas as to when they where made? leghorn
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    Can someone please tell me the BPH of this movement. leghorn
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    Keystone watch case company

    I have a case with the wording: Keystone Watch Case Company, then below that the word "extra". Was wondering if the word extra means 14k G.F or solid. Not sure, and would like comments on it. Thanks, leghorn
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    Clock I.D.

    I came across this clock and not familiar with the maker. Here are a couple of pics to see if anyone can help me id it. leghorn
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    Movement I.D.

    Has anyone heard of a movement with the name CROWN on the front of it? It is out of a Colonial wood mantel clock. Will send pics, if necessary. leghorn
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    $ Art deco Mantle clock

    I came across this nice clock recently, and was wondering what the worth of it might be. Case is in great shape and the clock runs and keeps time. Sent along a pic. It has a Mulheim movement. leghorn
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    American PW Waltham premier 8-day clock

    Can anyone tell me what the procedure is for letting down the two mainsprings in this movement. Any help appreciated. leghorn
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    Gilbert Mantel Clock

    I need help, to put a model name and movement number on this Gilbert. I am including a couple of pics. Any help appreciated. The patent date on the movement is June 3,1879. The patent date on the pendulum is October 30th 1883. There is a small dark part of the original label of which I can make...
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    I.D. Clock and movement please

    I believe the movement to be of German origin. The Art-Deco look of it caught my eye. And the chimes are nice sounding. Would appreciate any insight into this clock. I will put-up a couple of pics. leghorn
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    Bucherer hunter case pocket watch

    I hope that I am in the right forum for this watch. What I would like to know is how to properly remove the dial/movement from it's case. There is no back cover to remove. everything has to come out the front. The bezel has been removed. I don't know the proper way to dis-engage the stem from...
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    $ CARRIAGE CLOCKS Their history and development

    The book is a hardback with dust cover, in mint condition. a couple of pics are included. What would be a fair price on it. leghorn
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    Ingraham electric clock

    I would appreciate if anyone could come up with a name,model number, and possible date for this clock. Any info appreciated,thanks. There is a #12 imprinted on the wood case. The dial may be hard to read,it states: Ingraham self starting also the word strike(it has a small bell on the...

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