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    Robert Thomas, Carna

    Can anyone help me identify and date his longcase clock found in a relatives house? Why does this long are clock have winding holes in the dial? Is it a fusee?
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    Bent EW pivot

    I have been wrestling with a Schatz 49 for a few weeks now. I suspect it has a bent EW pivot, since it will run fine for about 3/4 of a EW rotation, but then takes a gentle nudge to the Ew to resume. Visually, I don’t detect any bent teeth. I don’t have a lathe, but have a friend who has one...
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    Forum Thoughts

    I am amazed at the knowledge, experience, and expertise shared on this forum. There are several contributors that repeatedly, generously, and patiently help us beginners. Wayne, Schatznut, and KuttinSA and others. Several of the repair techniques come up repeatedly. Does anyone think it...
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    Pivots under the microscope

    After a dozen or so successes, I have started having trouble keeping recent purchases (a Schatz standard, a Made in Germany, and a Kundo mini) running. Recently I started polishing pivots with a Dremel in a drill press sort of mount, using silicone disks. I thought these discs might be...
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    Dating wm. L. Gilbert Ogee

    Can any one give me a guess at a date range for the attached. It is 30 hour, ogre driven time and strike. Don’t have my tools with me so can’t get to a picture of the movement, other than what you might see through the window in the center of the dial.
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    Mainspring Wind Direction

    Is this Schatz 49 Mainspring wound in the right direction? Because of the orientation of the lug on the winding arbor, I don’t see how the mainspring can be installed in any other direction. I’ve got something wrong and can’t figure it out. When I install it between the plate, it just spins...
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    Kundo Mini bottom block pin guard

    I have several Kundo Minis with bottom block pin guards on the pendulum, composed of a couple of washers and a hairspring. I can't figure out what that guard does, except make assembly and re-assembly a pain. Is there any reason not to remove this device?
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    Horolovar temperature compensation

    I have several Kundo Minis and a Schatz 49 that were reasonably regulated this summer in SC. To me that is a minute or two a week. I am sure some of you achieve tighter criteria. House temperatures here in the South in the summer were mostly around 72 F. Now with welcomed cooler house...
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    Assembly Basics

    This is very basic, but clearly I am doing something wrong on reassembly after cleaning, polishing etc. When I attended a week of basic clock repair at NAWCC headquarters in Columbia PA several years ago, I was taught to reassemble the plates and gears with the movement in a horizontal plane...
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    Schatz 49, I can' believe it is running

    I have a Schatz 49 that showed up with a shattered dome. I cleaned it, pegged the holes, polished the pivots, put on a new torsion spring. I did not replace the mainspring, but did clean and lube it. Initially it had some flutter, so I raised the fork a scootch. The flutter is gone, and it...
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    Kuempel Grandmother Movement

    I recently helped a friend get his family heirloom grandmother clock running. I believe this was built as a clock “kit” in the 80’s. The movement says it is a “Kuempel” from some place in Minnesota. It has a very nice eccentric nut where the pendulum shaft attaches to the lever that rocks...
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    Stumped by a Schatz 49

    I purchased this clock , replaced the torsion spring and added the missing bottom block. It ran nicely for two or three months and then it stopped. I have had it apart a couple of times. Most recently, I cleaned it, polished the pivots, pegged the pivot holes, replaced the mainspring. The...
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    Pocket watch adventure

    In the past I have worked almost exclusively on 400 day clocks. Recently I read D. Rod Lloyd‘s book on 400 day clock repair. It suggested that us 400 day people should give a large pocket watch a try, so I bought a junker to take apart and try to reassemble. For what it’s worth, here are a...
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    Cleaning plates

    When I clean a clock I use an ammoniated solution in The ultrasonic cleaner for 20 minutes at 65 degrees C. The plates come back “clean” but dull. Am I somehow removing the lacquer? What solution to this do you recommend?
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    Newbie Elgin advice

    I have rebuilt a dozen or so 400 day clocks. I thought it would be fun to see what I could do with a large pocket watch. I bought the one noted on the photo. It’s not running and I mostly bought it to see how they are put together, how to disassemble them and reassemble them. I got the stem...
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    Thanks for all your help

    I want to thank Wayne, KenM, etmb, tracerjack, John Hubby and others for being so helpful and responsive in this forum. It’s the best way for some of newbies to learn, and your participation gets you little in return. It brings to mind Kurt Vonnegut’s admiration of volunteer firemen, who give...
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    Seeland Id

    I have this pocket watch from my heirs. The other watch chain is made from one of my relatives blonde hair in Germany. Can you tell me anything about this watch? It runs.
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    I just purchased these dip oilers from Timsavers and was surprised how small they are. Are they for watches? Will they work for clocks?
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    Shipping advice

    I now have 5 clocks running and am running out of room in my closet size work area. So I need to sell a few. This will probably involve shipping. What is the best way to secure the pendulum for shipping? The Kundo minis have pendulum locks and torsion spring guards. They also have bottom...
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    Schatz 49 model hand torsion washer

    On eBay, I recently bought a Schatz 49 made in 1965. It was not packed well and was shipped with the glass dome on the clock. The dome was shattered with glass everywhere though the box. I thought I might get lucky and the broken glass might not hae gotten into the movement. I replaced the...

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