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  1. James Logan

    Black onyx & plaster case

    During different time periods, different methods of adhering stone pieces were used. Although plaster was used, shellac and filled shellac were also used. The coloration of the large areas in your photos suggest that the adhesive in those areas is shellac. You can test for shellac by applying...
  2. James Logan

    $ S. Haller Unmarked Miniature 400 Day

    Thanks all for your replies. To answer Mike's question, the Haller is running very well. The pin pallet escapement on this particular midget has a very small window for correct adjustment to achieve the maximum over swing required to keep the clock running.
  3. James Logan

    $ S. Haller Unmarked Miniature 400 Day

    I restored an unmarked miniature clock after matching the plate configuration to published information on S. Haller clocks, which allowed selecting the correct suspension spring that was missing. The only marking is WKR (or possibly WKB) on the dial face. Does anyone recognize these initials of...
  4. James Logan

    Midget KOMA Pendulum

    Thanks Kurt.
  5. James Logan

    Midget KOMA Pendulum

    Anyone know the approximate weight of the KOMA midget pendulum?
  6. James Logan

    Warped Case Door

    A warp in an insert of a large (20" x 20") French wall clock door with both veneer and Boulle marquetry was removed using polyethylene glycol. The method was to immerse the insert in a flat bottom container and cover it with polyethylene glycol (PEG). A flat plate placed over the insert allowed...
  7. James Logan

    Baume & Mercier Balance problem

    Thanks for your responses. I have checked the issues suggested and found the most likely problem to be some crushed "pigs ears" on the case platform that supports the balance cock. They are on the side nearest the balance wheel and would raise the balance cock if they were not crushed. The...
  8. James Logan

    Baume & Mercier Balance problem

    The two attached photos show the top plate of a 7.75 ligne (0.69 in.) ladies wrist watch movement marked B&M 775 which is an upgraded version of the ETA movement caliber 2512. After disassembly and cleaning, reassembly was done and a test on the installed balance cock assembly showed the balance...
  9. James Logan

    French Movement Identification

    Regarding the trademark shown in the attached photo, would this be a movement made by G. Rau? The movement is from a French wall clock with reverse painted dial.
  10. James Logan

    Mainspring explosion

    Such spring damage was reported before on this site; e.g. https://mb.nawcc.org/showthread.php?96316-What-is-the-cause-of-shattered-mainspring/page4 The most likely explanation is a base metal quality control issue with too high a carbon content.
  11. James Logan

    Direction of Winding Clocks

    All of the foreign time and strike clocks I’ve observed are wound in the clockwise direction. The preponderance of American time and strike clocks wind in either the counterclockwise direction or the strike is wound clockwise and the time is wound counterclockwise. Did the early American...
  12. James Logan

    Timing of Cuckoo and Music for Baduf Clock

    Thanks for your responses. As suggested by several members, placing a small piece of tubing over the bent wire does delay the music until after the cuckoo whistles. This overcomes a problem caused by wear on the fan edges as also suggested. For completeness in describing the music box action...
  13. James Logan

    Timing of Cuckoo and Music for Baduf Clock

    Question for the cuckoo gurus: is the music box activation for a clock with Badische Uhrenfabrik movement intended to be nearly simultaneous with the cuckoo whistle, or is it missing hardware that would delay the music activation? The simultaneous whistle and music makes for an annoying overlap...
  14. James Logan

    French Wall Clock Case

    Tom, thanks for your response. I have tried the "L" brackets but when adjusted to align the face (which is attached to the movement) with the opening in the case front, the angle of the movement is so large that the pendulum hits the back plate of the movement. I suspect the original movement...
  15. James Logan

    French Wall Clock Case

    The attached photos are of an old French wall clock case sometimes called a “Baker’s”, picture frame, or “Oeil de Boeuf” clock. The side view photo shows that the case depth varies from 8.3 cm deep at the top to 6.3 cm at the bottom. This case came without a movement and was purchased to house...
  16. James Logan

    Gustav Becker Time and Strike Main Spring

    This question to the Gustav Becker experts. What new springs have you successfully used (by supplier number or by width, strength, length) from American part suppliers to install in the time and strike side of 8 day wall clock movements having the P42 and P48 pendulum lengths?
  17. James Logan

    A quick answer?

    There are only two methods of attachment I have experienced for the alarm set, one is a friction fit, and the other is a threaded arbor. Since the alarm set button can usually be rotated in either direction, that arbor is usually a friction fit. You might try some "liquid wrench" and applying...
  18. James Logan

    Depthing tool anybody?

    Another depthing tool for clocks by Meadows & Passmore is shown in the attachment. Their current tool is metal frame but many years ago they also offered a version with hardwood frame, which I have and works well for clocks.
  19. James Logan

    Barrel Mainspring Width

    Thanks all for your response. I have some barrels I want to use but the available modern springs do not appear to be good fits based on the ~1 mm criteria.
  20. James Logan

    Barrel Mainspring Width

    For barrel mainspring selection, is there an optimum value (or tolerance) on the differnce between spring width and available barrel depth?

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