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  1. JimmyOz

    Unusual Gustav Becker Porcelain Clock

    Here is another unusual clock from the same box as the J Sewell-Paris clock was in. This is not remarkable as a clock, however I think I bought it all those years ago because I had not come across a GB clock that had a porcelain case (Royal Bonn, Germany) with ormolu mounts, there may be some...
  2. JimmyOz

    Interesting French Silk Suspension Clock

    I can't even remember when I got this clock, however I have more time on my hands so I am trying to get through some of the many, many boxes of clocks I have. This one seems to be earlier than 1850, however I would like to know if anyone has any idea of the maker as I could not find anything...
  3. JimmyOz

    Mini Lenzkirch GF Clock

    Picked up this Lenzkirch a week ago, only needed a bush and 2 mouldings carved (left top of base and right cornice/hood) resilvered dial and surround. Anyway just thought it was a bit different as I had never seen a Lenzkirch like this before. It is 17x5x4 inches and I think made around 1895...
  4. JimmyOz

    James Howden Edinburgh Long Case

    I got this just before Christmas and now have a bit of time to work on it. First a bit of history, James Howden was apprenticed in 1764 under Alexander Farquharson and then with James Cowen where he completed his indenture in 1771, he died in 1810 and is recorded as a Maker of Repute in Loomes...
  5. JimmyOz

    Large GF Movement

    I had put this movement in the Hall of Shame, now I have finished it I thought I would open a thread on the issues it had. Brief background, this was the 3rd GF movement the shop has received from customers of this so call clock repairer (we now have a 4th) he charged AU$1,450 for doing nothing...
  6. JimmyOz

    Aluminium movement plates?

    I have just repaired an Chinese GF movement, the plates are Aluminium or something like it, it has a film of something to make it look like brass. This is the 1st time I have come across one of these. I bushed the T2 back plate and then put my thumbs on the wheel pressed it and the bush popped...
  7. JimmyOz

    A $10,000 battery clock

    This has now finished on eBay so I think I can post it. have a look :?| Modern Wall Clock Designed By Jaiden Rocca | eBay Note the winner has to pay $2.00 postage, I don't think I would be getting it sent through the mail?
  8. JimmyOz

    Have you seen wheels cut like this?

    I bought myself a Christmas present, I will do a thread on the repairs in Clock Repair later. The longcase clock is by James Howden from Edinburgh, recorded apprenticed 1764 died 1810 "A maker of repute". The attached photos show a few wheels, however all are done in this manner except the EW...
  9. JimmyOz

    Anyone have information on this clock

    Hi, I was asked by a friend if I new anything about this clock, apart from it being French?, time only and made before 1875? I could not add anything else. Has anyone come across a clock like this before, it stands about 12 inches tall, the body is hollow, it looks a lot like copper and has...
  10. JimmyOz

    Oswald re-found after 10 years Rudolf Valentino

    This is not new buy, I have had it for many years just forgot I had it as it was in my many box's of clocks . I picked it up all those years ago as it was not a dog, or cat so a bit different. It was not working so it went into the queue, however like most of the clocks it never got out of it...
  11. JimmyOz

    Gustav Becker with Royal Bonn case

    Hi, The photos are off my GB with a Royal Bonn case, I am looking for any info as all the royal bonn stuff is to do with Ansonia. I can't find any info on GB clocks of this sort. The movement is 2 inch wide and the platform escapement is 7/8x 5/8.
  12. JimmyOz

    ID a movement

    I know this is a Badischen Uhrenfabrik movement, however what type of clock is it from. The movement strike train plays every 1/4 hour (music box?) by turning the wheel you can see at the bottom on the front plate. It lowers the L shaped arm as it approaches the 1/4 hour and it lifts up again...
  13. JimmyOz

    3 note 1/4 strike HAC movement?

    Hi, I have aquired this clock just for the movement as I have not seen one that strikes on the 1/4 hours like it before ..I.E. 3 notes for 1/4, 6 notes for 1/2 and 9 notes for 3/4 ... then just the 1 note for striking the hour. It also has a repet ... why I do not know ... The movement is...
  14. JimmyOz

    Ansonia watchmans clock?

    Hi I bought this the other day as I have not seen one before. It has Manufactured by Ansonia Clock Co New York USA under the 6, it also has 'Patent Applied For' across the centre. On the movement it has Ansonia Clock Co. This is however upside down? The knob on the front turns a cylinder that...
  15. JimmyOz

    Some more pic's of Beha case about 1860?

    Here is some pics of the case. The movement is in another thread (I think this is a Beha cuckoo clock) as I dont want to have to many as the download time may be a problem. The case carving has some bits missing and I will have to carve them later as no time at the moment. It was like a jig-saw...
  16. JimmyOz

    I think this is a Beha cuckoo clock

    I picked up this clock the other day. I think it is a Beha, however a special one, as it is 'wall mounted', however 'spring driven' not weight or fusee (as mantel type are). I am sure I read that they made wall mounted spring driven cuckoo's around the 1850-60, however they never caught on and...
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