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    Simplex Master Clock with design fault

    Good evening folks, I recently obtained a Simplex master clock "type 946-2 Op" from a local auction house here in the UK. Externally, it seemed to be of good quality, but upon closer inspection I was disappointed. The internal movement was a cheap, quartz type with plastic gears as fitted to...
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    Electronic circuit for Gents Chronopher III

    Evening folks, Does anyone have a copy of the electronic circuit for a Gents Chronopher II master clock please? It's the control board I'm after, but both boards would be useful. Many thanks if someone can help.
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    Were many Gents Chronopher masterclocks exported from the UK to the US or Europe?

    Hi folks, I have collected several of these master clocks over the years, but wondered if they were ever exported to other countries? The Chronopher slave clocks are rarely offered in auction over here in the UK. There is a similar type bearing the Moser Baer name (made in Switzerland) and...
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    8-day English clock mainspring replacement

    Greetings folks from the UK. Some advice would be much appreciated, please. I'm in the process of overhauling a 1940s Garrard Westminster clock. The mainspring for time (centre barrel) has become weak and the clock stops after 4-5 days. I have stripped it down to it's basic components and...
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    Inducta (Swiss made) Master Clock

    Folks, I recently acquired one of these clocks which needs a fair bit of work and have a couple of questions, please. I've restored the heavy, steel case in black, but there are a pair unused threaded holes (one each side) of the pendulum bob. I assume these were used for fitting a clamp...
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    Inducta master clock - pendulum suspension spring details?

    Happy Easter folks. I've just acquired one of these and wondered if anyone can post a picture of the suspension spring please, which is missing on this clock. Thanks in advance. Just want to know what I'm up against if I have to make one. Dennis in UK.
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    Gents Gents C7 Pulsynetic master clock internal circuitry

    Good evening folks. I've just acquired a Gents C7 master clock from an 'electrical engineer'. Unfortunately despite talking a lot about his years of experience of fixing just about everything, I would be surprised if he could change the batteries in a torch and get them the right way round...
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    Self winding Moser Baer H80 Master Clock.

    Good evening Folks, I have two of these clocks using the same H80 movement. One is marked Moser Baer and the other is marked Gents. The clock badged Moser Baer self winds and then stops correctly as it should. The other one marked Gents doesn't stop winding and the motor runs continuously with...
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    Wall clock marked 'SIEMENS'

    This clock was brought back from Germany by a UK serviceman returning home. He decided it was too complicated so I persuaded him to part with it in exchange for a more usable clock. The case was locked with the key inside but I've managed to get it open by pulling the key through one of the two...
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    Bulle Unknown clock running too slow

    Folks, Can anybody identify this clock please? There is no makers name. I saved this clock from the bin, then restored the case and overhauled the mechanism. I tested it, but found it will not run on less than 12 Volts. The pendulum will swing but anything less than 12 Volts results in the...
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    Junghans anti-climatic clock - original type of battery ???

    Folks, Please can anyone help? The original 1.5V battery fitted in a holder on the back of my Junghans clock seems the be a smallish square type approx. 2 inches square and perhaps 3-4 inches tall judging by the retaining strap. I want to make a dummy battery in the same style, with a...
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    Smith Selectronic query

    Folks, I have just acquired a Smith Selectronic battery clock, the type with an ATO movement driven by a single transistor. The black, negative, battery lead has become detached, but I cannot see any remnants of the soldered joint where it should go. There are only three possible points, each...
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    Watch spring for an electric clock

    Folks, Sorry if this appears as a bizarre posting. I'm asking my question here in relation to repairing a clock. I have an old battery clock that flips a weight up 120 degrees which winds a small spring by about one third of a turn in the process. The spring contains enough energy to keep the...
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    Early Junghans battery movement in a Prescott mantle clock

    Folks, I acquired a rather ordinary mantel clock with the early Junghans movement... picture posted a picture below. This movement is quite simple in operation. You may be able to see a pair of (open) contacts above the centre of the black coil. When the contacts close, the bar which carries...
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    HAC clock in dispute - is it an alarm clock or a striking clock... opinions, please

    Folks, I sold this HAC clock in auction as an alarm clock for spares or repair. The buyer is unhappy because she says it is not an alarm clock at all, but one which strikes half hourly and also the number of hours. My reasoning for it being an alarm clock was the adjuster knob for setting...
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    Karlsson KA5001 pin clock repair

    Hi Folks, I have been given a Karlsson KA5001 pin clock which although working, has an annoying fault. The clock does not always add a minute cleanly; often one of the mechanical segments forming the seven-segment display will jump in and out several times before settling correctly. The fault...
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    Repair or replacement of Hettich floating balance springs

    Good evening folks, from a dismal UK summer's evening. I am hoping someone may be able to offer some advice, please...... I have several old ('50s) Hettich battery clocks with the same floating balance movement. The British have a lot of dumb idiots in their midst who think they can get these...
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    (Not) another Kudo electro-mechanical clock !

    Folks, Being a complete lover of punishment (ooer missus!) and always up for a challenge, I bought another of these clocks very cheaply, probably because it was in bits. It is the smaller type that uses a 'AA' size battery with little space underneath so I'm guessing the electronics are...
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    Ingraham Vs Ansonia mainspring

    Hi folks, I'm hoping some of you knowledgeable Americans can help me please.... We see few US clocks offered in house clearance auctions over here in the UK. I was surprised to pick up an Ingraham mantel clock with a broken mainspring plus an Ansonia movement (also with a broken mainspring) in...
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    Strange Schatz torsion clock with 3V battery

    Folks, I recently won a clock from my local house clearance auction that nobody else wanted, for a pittance presumably because it takes a battery instead of a key. In all other respects it is a torsion clock, so I've posted it here. I hope this is Ok with the mods. The clock is identical to...