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    Security warning

    My Norton's antivirus has picked up the mainspring list as a high security threat and has quarantined the file (mainspring.exe). Any idea why this would be?
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    Schatz 1000 day ratchet click

    I'm in the process of re-assembly of a Schatz 1000 day. The ratchet click appears to be "sloppy", enough that it almost looks like a washer was missing. The shouldered screw doesnt appear to hold the click close enough to the plate. I looked at my own 1000 day, and sure enough the click is...
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    Wanted Urgos movement

    Looking for an Urgos UW20, front wind movement. Need not run but be complete. This unit has a floating balance, spring drive T&S. Thanks for any help.
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    Junghans hands

    Would a Junghans mantel clock, circa 1910 have anything other than spade hands? I have one in for repair that has reproduction American fleur-de-lis hands that appear to be old and rusty. But it just does not look right against the silvered dial. Thanks for your opinions. I don't have any books...
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    Ansonia maybe?

    Anyone ever seen an Ansonia clock that projects the time on the ceiling? I've heard of such clocks but not by Ansonia. Friend want to buy this so called "rare" clock. I have not seen it, so it could be a marriage. Dont see anything like this in any of my books. The clock in question has a cord...
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    10 tube Herschede?

    I have a customer that wishes to have a Herschede Hall Clock repaired. Over the phone he insisted and counted out 10 tubes. Have any of you heard of such a creature? The prior customer (a littl old lady) also insisted that the 7+ foot clock was actually constructed in her home. Could this be...
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    Hand nut or am I nuts?

    Need help with a very odd problem. Clock is a Waterbury T&S. Has been cleaned oiled & repaired. Runs great. But if I attach minute hand it slows to a stop at about 10 on the hour. I tried with just the hand nut and it still runs ok. But if I add the minute hand,it stops, always at the same time...
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    Chelsea Ship Bell Time mainspring- Help Please

    Welcome to the real world. Chelsea does not want anybody repairing their clocks, except Chelsea. Parts have always been a problem. Depends on who you are, sometimes. The last time I needed mainsprings, I found them in one of the supply catalogs, LaRose, I think. But it was a while back as...
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    clocks in the movies

    Clocks in the movies was discussed on the Message Boards a while back, but I wasnt able to find it by doing a search. So... Watching this old movie from the 1940's, THE STRANGER, starring Orson Wells and Loretta Young, the movie revolves around an escaped Nazi and his passion for clocks, and...
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    Chelsea Clock Repair Information

    You may develope skills, but it will be without the help of Chelsea clock. They will do everything they can to make your life a nightmare. You may want to search the archive of this website to see the problems that you will have. Have you tried to get parts from them? In fact they do not want...
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    "Backwards" running quartz

    Just a guess: Purhaps the battery had the wrong polarity. I once had an AA battery that had the + and - at the wrong ends. Took a battery tester to discover the problem. Len