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  1. Rod Schaffter

    Beroz "Morbier" Clock, but not a Comtoise...

    Hi Gang, I picked up this tall (7' 4") clock from Craigslist the other day. It was running, and knew it was modern, but was a little disappointing to not find a comtoise movement inside when I opened it up. However, it is a nice movement, albeit in need of a cleaning, with a night shutoff for...
  2. Rod Schaffter

    Solved Removal of winding arbor stop gear retainer?

    Hi Gang, Before I attack this job, is there a painless trick to remove the stop gear retainer clip on the winding arbors? Thanx in Advance, Rod
  3. Rod Schaffter

    Help Left over washer after reassembling Hermle 451 movement

    Hi Gang, I just rebuilt my first Hermle 451. After reassembly, I have a leftover washer in my bag of hardware from outside the plates. It is a thin-ish brass washer of a bit over 3mm ID. I have no specific recollection of removing it, and he only thing I see of that diameter is the minute...
  4. Rod Schaffter

    Are the Schatz Jum 7 and 53 First Wheels the Same?

    Hi Gang, I have a Schatz JUM 7 with a tragically bent first wheel and arbor. The barrel teeth and the second wheel seem to have survived intact, and I have wound and unwound it several times and the spring seems fine, as does the click; I'll have to open the barrel up and have a look. Does...
  5. Rod Schaffter

    Help Question on 'Chime Clock Repair' by Steven Conover

    Hi Gang, The description of Chime Clock Repair by Steven Conover mentions that it includes a chapter on Jauch movements; Is it Heinz Jauch or Gebruder Jauch? Thanx in advance!
  6. Rod Schaffter

    Advice on Herschede Windsor GF with Jauch chain movement

    Hi Gang, I just aquired a Herschede #325 Windsor clock. It needs work, but it came with the door key. :D I have no experience with tall-case clocks except for fixing the chimes on my Father in Laws' Colonial, which, coincidentally, appears to have the same movement as this clock (it appears...
  7. Rod Schaffter

    Safe to Clean Pin Pallet Anchor In US Cleaner?

    Hi Gang! Now that, thanks to the help I've received here, I can get my Haller carriage clock apart. :) I'm getting ready to actually clean it, Since it has pin-pallets, I wondered if it was safe to put the anchor in the ultrasonic cleaner; I'm concerned about the possibility of the pins...
  8. Rod Schaffter

    Haller carriage clock queries; remove face, and anchor pin angle?

    Hello! I've been lurking here for years and finally decided to join. I appreciate all of the good information I've gotten here. :) I have a Haller miniature carriage clock (plate 1521) that appears to be in good condition (except for the cracked nylon pendulum fork, which I clamped and...