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  1. Naif Baidoon

    Cutting Lead Weights

    I am trying to put an antique grandfather clock together and I was fortunate enough to find some weights on E-Bay but I will need to cut two of the weights down. I have to reduce one weight from 37 pounds to 31 pounds. The weight is about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and is made from lead. I was...
  2. Naif Baidoon

    How to make tubular chimes

    Has anybody made their own tubular chimes ? If you can live with not having that silver or chrome finish does not seem that difficult to do and they are so expensive it would be a big savings if I can do it myself. If a novice can make them what is the best tubing material to use?
  3. Naif Baidoon

    Antique Grandfather Clock 5 Tubes Movement From 1850 ( W. & H . Sch. ) Germany

    Hello, I purchased the subject movement on E-bay and I asked the seller what weights were used for the clock. He forwarded to me a pitchers of a scale holding the weights. One was a little over 31 lbs and the other was a little over 17 lbs. I find it hard to believe this much weight is needed to...
  4. Naif Baidoon

    Urgos UW 32/1 Pendulum has a wobble

    I cleaned an oiled the UW 32/1 movement and replaced some bushings. The clock will run all day with just the leader attached but when I attach the pendulum it will run for about 10 minutes and stop. I believe it could be because the pendulum has a slight wobble to it. I have tried different...
  5. Naif Baidoon

    Can't slow this clock down.

    I have a Ridgeway clock with movement 1161-653B. I have the Pendulum screwed down as far as I can without having the rods coming out from their retainers and I taped a half dollar on the bob. The clock is fast about 3 or 4 minutes an hour. The pendulum must weight about 2 pounds. Anybody have...
  6. Naif Baidoon

    Cable Movement won't chime

    I purchased a Ridgeway grandfather clock that was not chiming so I applied some force to the weight and that got the chime to work. After I wound the weights after it had been running for about a week it stopped chiming. I again tried applying some force to the weight but nothing happened this...
  7. Naif Baidoon

    Howard Miller grandfather movement 451-030H Chimes lack power

    I am working on a Howard Miller movement 451-030H which is probably a Hemle movement. The clock runs but does not have enough power to run the chimes. To get the chimes to work I have to pull down on the weight on the chime side or give that little cam at the front of the movement a push to get...
  8. Naif Baidoon

    Help Grandfather Clock stops before hour strike but not always

    Hello everyone, I am a new to this site and new to clock repair. I find it very helpful reading many of the suggestions people post. I have a Howard Miller Viceroy Grandfather Clock with a UWO3053B movement. When I have it run on a test stand it does fine. In the case it will stop about 5...

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