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  1. topspy

    Mystery K&D tool.

    I bid on this thing, but didn't win. I don't know what it is either! Hopefully someone does!
  2. topspy

    Which staff for a model 5 Sangamo?

    Perhaps the 1506/47633 or 1684/47608 ? Both are DR staffs but my list doesn't specify model....
  3. topspy

    Simple tools and tool hacks

    Also I had a machinist friend make this steel mount for a small vise. I have one of those expensive Bergeon vises, but I can't bring myself to cut into the top of my bench for the quick release plate. This works much better for me. It's so heavy it doesn't move when filing, etc and is easily...
  4. topspy

    Simple tools and tool hacks

    I keep two tweezers on the bench, a brass AA pair and a Dumont 0C90 pair. But then I have this drawer...... I also keep a container of toothpicks on the bench, and to sharpen them and pegwood I use a surgical scalpel. These can be bought with 100 extra blades for $10 or so. I use it for...
  5. topspy

    Broken Case Screw Stuck in Movement

    I've run into this many times. My method is to use a sharp 1mm screwdriver to gouge into the top of the screw on the left side, and 'drag' the screwhead counterclockwise while simultaneously pushing the right side of the screw with another small screwdriver or needle. Pushing or pulling on one...
  6. topspy

    Waltham 37 Size 8 Day

    These use a .50mm roller jewel, 1.1 or 1.2mm long.
  7. topspy

    Pocket Watch Pallet Fork Vibrating

    It looks to me like your exit pallet stone is broken or an improper one fitted.
  8. topspy

    Heuer Chronograph Balance Staff

    As was noted above, it is a riveted staff, NOT a friction staff. You must rivet it in. There are quite a few videos online showing how this is done. After it is riveted in place, hold the staff in a pin vise and try to rotate the balance - if it spins on the staff the rivet was not fully...
  9. topspy

    Should have asked this sooner

    The blue hub that is still attached to your old balance staff should have stayed on the balance wheel. There are a special set of stumps and stakes in most staking sets that are intended to remove Waltham staffs from this hub. It may be a tricky job to reattach the hub to the balance. There...
  10. topspy

    Timing machine showing strange results

    These things have an automatic "magnification" feature. As you approach a smaller beat error, at some point it will switch over and the lines will spread apart, allowing for finer adjustment. It confused me at first as well.
  11. topspy

    Seeking Waltham Vanguard Pocket Watch Repair in Oregon

    I'm in Roseburg. You can send me a PM if you like.
  12. topspy

    Mainspring Winders

    Edit: removed post as the above post covered what I said....
  13. topspy

    Making a new roller table

    Thanks for all the tips!
  14. topspy

    Making a new roller table

    HI Graham! That is an interesting idea. Somehow I missed that (I have a copy of his book.) It seems like that would introduce a few other issues such as metal moving outward, and perhaps needing a D shaped steel pin in the hole to control the shape. Making the D punch was fairly simple...
  15. topspy

    Making a new roller table

    Thank you Jerry. I started as you said, with a bit of oversize brass stock, and drilled a small hole into it. I then parted it off to about 1/4" and placed it in the depthing tool (actually an escapement matching tool, same principal) along with the pallet to test. The excess length allowed...
  16. topspy

    Making a new roller table

    Hello again.... A while back a friend brought me a watch he had purchased at auction, and it was missing the hairspring and roller. The watch was a Philadelphia Watch Co, which I believe were made by IWC. Few were made, so sourcing a new part probably isn't possible. I have made up a "D"...
  17. topspy

    Thread Size / Tap Recommendation

    I have a set of taps made by Elgin, and the chart supplied with them matches yours. They are inch, not metric, so I suspect the actual diameter is .0308, which is .78232mm. Per your chart and mine, Elgin used this size in two thread pitches, 180 and 220 per inch.
  18. topspy

    Elgin Cal. 683 Hairspring Parts Number

    On looking again, you are correct. Sorry about that.
  19. topspy

    Elgin Cal. 683 Hairspring Parts Number

    I have the following balance completes: 660, 700, 730, 750, 770, 830, 900, and 902. From that first chart it looks like the 660 would at least be good for the hairspring?
  20. topspy

    Balance staff tooling

    A video on the subject of making a staff without measurements:

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