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    case part Splat for Terry pillar & splat clock

    Looking for a decent condition original stenciled splat for a Terry clock, with nice still life or foliage type imagery on black background. Perhaps someone has retained a nice looking one from a clock for which the wooden movement and rest of the case were beyond restoration or redemption.
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    Diamond-Shape Escutcheon for Terry Clock Door

    I inherited this Samuel Terry Pillar & Scroll shelf clock. During the many decades in my aunt's house, it was always missing its original small diamond-shaped brass escutcheon on the key hole.To alleviate the ugly hole left when the original was pried off, possibly done 100 years or so ago due...
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    Samuel Terry Clock Repair Search

    I own a Samuel Terry clock that's been in my family for generations. It's developed two issues that need repair. Last time it had an issue (2012), I shipped the wood movement box off to Don Bruno at Torrington Clock Co. and was very pleased with his work. I now find he is retired, so I did a...

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