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  1. tracerjack

    Solid plates or cutout?

    I purchased a HAC solid plate donor movement for a few parts, but I am now wondering if the original movement I had with cutout plates ought to be the donor. Internally they are identical. I really like the feel of the solid plates, but have no idea if they are better in any way. The solid plate...
  2. tracerjack

    Can't figure out this Kienzle? chimer

    I'm assuming this is a Kienzle based on the unique metal pendulum. But, no matter the maker, I spent 3 hours trying to figure out my problem with no success. The shape of the GP indicates to me that this is the strike stop. There is a notch on the GP and a large pin on the rack hook. However...
  3. tracerjack

    HAC Art Nouveau Free Swinger; is this a marriage?

    There are a few things about this clock I just purchased at auction that I am not sure indicate a marriage, or just my inexperience. The Dial, movement and pendulum are obviously a match, but I was surprised to see the movement on a wooden seat board that was attached to the gong holder. It was...
  4. tracerjack

    Filmless Water Slide Decal paper for silvered dials

    As you can see, even in these greyscale photos, the dials were quite damaged. The dials looked to be silk screened, but having done some T-shirts, I didn't have the skill to do offset screening which metal requires. Plus, making the screen is no piece of cake either. When I saw the filmless...
  5. tracerjack

    Took all my will power not to say anything.

    I was in a clock shop, and the customer in front of me was picking up a lovely old brass ship's bell clock that 'couldn't be fixed'. My first thought was "couldn't be fixed?" or are you saying, "we don't know how to fix it". I was pretty sure the proper question ought to have been, "How much are...
  6. tracerjack

    Would like opinions on loose barrel hook

    This barrel is from a GB 3/4 bim-bam. The mainspring is fine, although smothered in oil (as well as the rest of the movement). The barrel hook is so loose, it has raised the brass around the hole,. Most likely would have torn out pretty soon with continued use. However, the wall edges are not...
  7. tracerjack

    Dial Silvering #2

    Even before I started, I recognized that this dial was a little ambitious for someone who had only re-silvered one dial previously. But, I went ahead anyway since didn't think I could make it any worse. I made a few mistakes, so I would like to share my experience. This dial required refilling...
  8. tracerjack

    Help for a beginner - where is the click?

    I found this movement stashed with some junk jewelry. No case or hands. Since I could see the hair spring was broken, I thought this is the one that would be a great movement to start with to learn how to remove screws, etc. since breaking it more seemed unlikely. I have no expectation to get it...
  9. tracerjack

    How to adjust a double pin gathering pallet

    Trying to save this orphaned Junghans chimer from 1924; don’t ask me why - maybe because it is pretty. Anyway, I’ve never worked with a double pin gathering pallet. The chime side is working properly, and the strike activates correctly. In its present arrangement, the GP picks up two teeth each...
  10. tracerjack

    Chrome Anniversary blocks

    For those of you who have a chrome anniversary, is the bottom block also chromed? The reason I ask is because the one I just got is missing it’s bottom block, but still has the top block which is chromed, I’ve never seen a chromed block on any of the sites, and now wonder, since they are brass...
  11. tracerjack

    Haven't seen this before.

    After straightening an S2 arbor and adding a few bushings, I thought once I'd cleaned the mainsprings, a 1924 Junghans movement would be good to go. Pulled out the chime mainspring, and this is what I found. I’ve come across some unique repairs, but this one first made me stop and think a...
  12. tracerjack

    Separated Strike Mainspring Barrel

    I read through the archives, and this thread answered most of my questions. https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/re-soldering-a-two-piece-mainspring-barrel.144608/ My strike barrel is from a Junghans chimer. It appears to be a simple solder failure because the teeth on the wheel gear show no damage and...
  13. tracerjack

    Ever come across Colangel?

    I had no idea when I bought this clock online that the case was so huge, nearly 30 inches. Didn't look that big in the listing photos. The logo on the dial is Colangel, the upper part just says Westminster. The movement is unmarked. Plays Wittington and Westminster. Does anyone have any info on...
  14. tracerjack

    My lucky day!

    I bought the Kern on the left because it had no cup; I needed a flat plate for an orphan figurine pendulum that I'd found some time ago. I didn't notice in the listing photo that the dome on it was much too large in diameter. I'd been looking for a 6 1/2 inch diameter dome for the clock on the...
  15. tracerjack

    Lively Welby Miniature

    Just thought I'd share this Welby (Kundo) minature that has the liveliest rotation of any of my small 400 day.
  16. tracerjack

    Disc pendulum with extension

    I’ve had this pendulum for some time. Picked it up as an orphan thinking I could use it, but I’ve never quite figured out which style of torsion clocks used it. It is stamped with #137220, and if anyone has a clock with that number, I would gladly see it reunited. In the meantime, if someone...
  17. tracerjack

    First time resilvering, why did I wait so long?

    I’ve had a resilvering kit for a while now, but lacked the courage to try it. When I started working on this Junghans, the case and bezel came out so well, it made the worn dial look terrible. Seeing that the numbers could be removed, and the wax in the engraved minute ring was fine, I decided...
  18. tracerjack

    Junghans 1924

    Having spent the last five years on top of a bookcase, this one isn’t exactly new. It was one of the first chimers I bought to fix up, but it was a good thing I set it aside, because this one needed a lot of work. The glass was missing. Needed 6 15/16ths. No one makes that size, so I had to...
  19. tracerjack

    Looking for some opinions on Franke & Groneman movement - Vienna style case?

    Since I love the look of this clock, any opinion is welcome, even the not so good ones. Good or bad, I'll still happily keep it. The logo on the back I've traced to Franke & Groneman per Mikrolisk. I'd like anyone's opinion that might narrow the 1890 to 1930 time span a bit. I am also curious...
  20. tracerjack

    Other Junghans models for donor parts?

    More troubles for this Junghans B42. The chime spring was beginning to rip out at the barrel hook and as I started to make a new hole I noticed the complete tear out at the arbor. That discovery made me take a close look at the wheels which I hadn’t yet cleaned, and sure enough, the poor C2 had...

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