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  1. TimelyFool

    Best battery quartz movement, a temporary replacement for a sick weight movement

    Hi. Well I finally found a local clocksmith to repair my 8-day E.W. Adams strap movement. Figure it will take a month or two. In the meantime I thought I would temporarily install a battery-powered movement, my first experience with these modern substitutes. When my Adams movement returns...
  2. TimelyFool

    Need advice for an E. W. Adams 8 day weight clock repair

    Hello- Need advice for an E. W. Adams 8 day weight clock repair Two months ago I acquired an 8 day weight clock. Label says it is made by E. W. Adams of Seneca Falls, N.Y. A triple decker, cornice and column. 22” x 37.5” x 6”. Possibly made in the middle 1840s. Has good veneer and Animal...
  3. TimelyFool

    How to protect a peeling painted panel?

    Hi. Just acquired in an auction a triple panel Seth-Tom Thomaston 7day weight column weight clock for $12. (shipping was $90, of well) In nice shape. With original panels I think. But paint is beginning to peel. Considered coating it with something. Any ideas? Michael
  4. TimelyFool

    Need dial for a Birge and Mallory triple decker

    Hello- A few weeks ago I acquired a Birge and Mallory 8 day triple decker column clock (see photograph). I ultrasonic bathed the large strap movement, cleaned up the case, and did some minor repairs. Most pivots seem reasonable, two being replaced. It is a nice clock. Keeps good time. The...
  5. TimelyFool

    Can you ID this Welch clock?

    Hello- Purchased my first E.N. Welch clock in auction. The label on the back is part missing. Have yet to find a copy of Tran du ly's Welch book at a price I can afford. The clock is in good shape and has a Jacot regulator pendulum. Attached are two photos of the clock. Thanks for any...
  6. TimelyFool

    Need digital copy of Public Square New Haven panel

    Hi. I have a J.C. Brown 8 day OG. It has what I think is the original painted panel showing a scene in the public square of New Haven. A church is the centerpiece of the scene. Trouble is the painted image of the church has flaked off leaving clear glass. Why only the church? If it was a...
  7. TimelyFool

    Need Label for an Orrin Hart weight clock

    Hi. This is probably the wrong thread to post this question. I am restoring an Orrin Hart wood movement clock which is missing the label inside the case. I was able to find a photo of one on line but needed a lot of PhotoShopping to fudge details which were not in the original. See the...
  8. TimelyFool

    Missing teeth from wood gear

    Hi. Just won in an on-line auction a weight-driven pillar and cornice clock, my first clock with a wood movement. It's a plunge I said I never would take. But I did. Perhaps I will learn the maker when I pull the hands and face as the auction house was no help here. Can post pictures of the...
  9. TimelyFool

    Cintra or King? Mystery Clock

    Hello- Acquired through auction last month a parlor clock listed as an Ansonia “King”. But on the back is a label which says “Cintra”. Looks like it was refinished, a light brown shellac, I think. The interior of the case is painted black. (Original?) The movement has no markings but...
  10. TimelyFool

    How to identify an 8 day OGEE movement?

    Been collecting ogee clocks. There is probably an easy way to determine whether a movement is an 8 day or a 30 hour. I know it has something to do with the size of the wheels (the gears). Can anyone clarify this, perhaps with pictures? Timely
  11. TimelyFool

    Babbitt metal for bushings? Crazy?

    Please excuse my ignorance. I have a growing list of 19th c and early 20th c movements which need to be rebushed, mostly on the hands plate. 'been reading up on the many options listed on this forum and several books I have. Considering ButterBearings as a easier fix than brass or bronze...
  12. TimelyFool

    Mitsubishi clock need info

    Hi. Just purchased a spring driven wooden wall clock with chime. Looks like a copy of a 19th c. American clock. Round face has hinged 8.5 inch bezel glass door and a hinged six-sided rectangular door over the pendulum compartment. Glass on the pendulum door appears old, warped with...
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