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    Anyone near Columbus Ohio?

    Greetings all: One of my customers recently moved from Chicago to Columbus and she needs a good clock repair person. Anyone near there that can help her? Send me a message.
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    Know where I can find replacement quartz movement?

    I vaguely remember those terms from my middle school industrial arts class. :whistle: I already snapped it back together or I would just take a picture. The two batteries power the main unit, and the seconds motor is connected by two tiny wires soldered to two tiny contacts on the tiny circuit...
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    Know where I can find replacement quartz movement?

    Tinker: Runs on two watch batteries. The seconds motor gets its power from the main movement (the two black wires). The main movement has a button labeled "stop". When you hold it in it cuts power to the seconds movement so you can get the second hand into sync with the minute hand. I opened it...
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    Know where I can find replacement quartz movement?

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping someone will know where I can find one of these. The separate little movement for the second hand is working, but the main movement is kaput. Looked on the usual supplier web sites, but coming up empty-handed.
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    Any idea what the wheels are made of? They look like steel, but I think they're some kind of plated pot metal. Definitely non-ferrous and not brass.
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    Charles: Thanks for the input. The only hint of a label is a lighter area on the outside back panel. Looks like there once was a 3 X 5-ish label, but nothing left now. No sign of a label or any other markings on the inside. Just lots of dead bugs. Now that the movement is a little cleaner, I...
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    Wow, what an interesting story. Never heard that one. The movement was heavily coated with old oil and grease, so I just dumped it into the pre-soak. Definitely the right kind and vintage, but I didn't notice any markings on it when I pulled it out of the case. It's also had a lot of...
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    Eskmill: Thanks for the reply. Can you expand on what you mean by "the infamous Pony Express variety"?
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    Seikosha wall clock -- any info?

    I have been asked to do what I can for this poor guy. Family heirloom apparently. It has been treated very badly over the years. This is my first Japanese clock. It's got an American style movement but the plates and most of the wheels are steel. The case looks old, but I think the dial must...
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    Help in Replacing Pallet on Outside Escapement

    Robert Porter's book The Pin-Pallet Escapement, Adjustment and Repair provides a clear explanation with lots of drawings. It does also have a section on what a lot of us would call a "true" pin pallet escapement, like those found in alarm clocks, but the bulk of the book deals with the open...
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    Dyslexic Clockmaker Strikes Again

    Time side. NO WAIT! :cyclops:
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    Sessions back panel

    Easier to make one than try and find one. I salvage old wood from drawer bottoms and old wine cases etc. that I use for that kind of thing.
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    Restore or not to restore

    Cats or dogs, Mac or PC, KWM or Bergeon, restore or don't restore. Thus the world divides itself. I've only ever refinished two clocks. One was an Ansonia spelter novelty clock that had been covered in pink fingernail polish, the other was an Ingraham Doric that had been spray painted gold over...
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    Lacquer Question

    I knew you guys would have a good answer for me. Gracias.
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    Lacquer Question

    Working on a nice Junghans chiming wall clock. Appears to be in pretty good condition, but just oozing with oil. I want to give it a good cleaning, but I know my ultrasonic will take off the gold colored lacquer quicker than you can say Bob's-yer-Uncle. Anybody know how to get it squeaky clean...

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