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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Re: Post your Lenzkirch clocks here Speaking of "patented" and Lenzkirch -- the "patentirt" BTW an older spelling of today's "patentiert" -- it struck me that a collected if initial gathering of both Lenzkirch DRPs and DRGMs will not have been seen by more than a few Lenzie enthusiasts. This...
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    Securing a Antique Grandfather Clock to the Wall? - Prevent it from Falling

    There are, as one might expect, several ways that grandfather clocks can be secured so that there is no danger of their falling forward, away from a wall, a corner, etc. Yet I feel very strongly indeed that they must be secured, for such a reason as Ralph mentions above! No doubt more than a...
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    Please see review of Schmid's Lexikon (2012, 2nd edition)

    A review of the second, much enlarged edition (2012) of the standard reference, Hans-Heinrich Schmid's Lexikon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850-1980, is now posted at: This for those clockies who...
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    Unknown maker cuckoo mantle clock

    Will do, Albra! And besides the fun that comes from sleuthing -- trying to establishing who made what, and at what time or another -- it's clear that our Message Board - Clocks section is where the international action is. Zep
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    Unknown maker cuckoo mantle clock

    Greetings Justin -- Let's back up a little first. And first take the term "cuckoo joker," putting the emphasis on the "Joker" not the cuckoo. I'd coined the term "cuckoo joker" -- to fit the one example I've ever seen (and have) -- for an article, "A cuckoo joker," that appeared in the...
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    Unknown maker cuckoo mantle clock

    Albra -- Think I finally got what was meant. :) That is, the movement in the example shown above is probably from UV (whether clock case also made by, or just movement bought in by, say, Werner). I'd checked through Dees' Weckerplatinen by the way but couldn't find a similar one. While here...
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    Unknown maker cuckoo mantle clock

    Gentleclockiefolk -- Am perhaps confused. But please note that the "other two" 'koos first referred to above were marked by C. Werner's post-1898 horseshoe-and-star logo. In short, they were from C. Werner. The two I've shown as illustrations are also from C. Werner, as indicated in some...
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    Unknown maker cuckoo mantle clock

    The "unsigned maker" 'koo has come up before here on the Message Board/Clocks. Will repost the illustration. It and quite similar models are from C. Werner from around that turn of the centuries. A search on the model names or at least "Werner" and "cuckoo" should turn up the previous posting...
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    Help me identify American Clock

    (A brief lang-BTW-aside. Would request that those who surely aren't interested in such to please skip over it ;)) Jonathan & Steven -- A supposed tendency for American English to "verbalize nouns" was one of the stock so-called current developments in British popular treatments of English as a...
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    Mauthe Westminster question

    Thyme -- These are very nice clocks indeed -- and especially so considering all of the economic pressures German firms were under in this era. And late at night, the "fuller" Westminsters reassure that "all is well" -- rather than Kate Bush can't adjust her hearing aid. Thanks for sharing. Zep
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    Help me identify American Clock

    Sergei -- Welcome to the Message Board. This talk of "short drops" and "long drops" and "drop dials" and what different clock traditions call them reminded me of some 1970s American slang that is now everywhere. It's "drop-dead" when used as an adjective. For example, She wore a drop-dead...
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    Please help me identify this clock

    In 1997 a "compendium" of Bawo & Dotter catalogue material was published under the auspices of the Greater St. Louis Regional, and St. Louis NAWCC Chapters #14 and our own #168. Although entitled Elite Hall Clocks, the volume contains a range of catalogue material from over several years, as...
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    Information about my Grandfather clock

    And while we're going with that gong, will attach the nifty photo that Jürgen came up with (below) of the Junghans & Haller Germania, and kindly sent as booty. Thank you Jürgen! Zep
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    Spittler's American Clocks + a BTW

    Greetings Harold and Gordon and all -- Happened to be talking to Tom a few minutes ago about a different matter. But when I mentioned that the NAWCC Gift Shop is temporarily out of stock of his volume at the moment, he said that he would be happy to sell some of the copies of American Clocks...

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