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    Breguet sale of the century at LA Mayer museum - just cultural vandalism

    UPDATE Great news - the Sale is cancelled See press release attached " A cultural foundation of the Qatari state will compensate Sotheby's for the cancelled auction, and will receive one item from the museum's collection for a fixed-term loan for an exhibition in France. It is to be hoped...
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    Dubois Ladies Repeater

    I thought I might share this small ladies repeater. This much I know……. • Cylinder escapement • Quarter repeater on gongs • Eight holes garnished with rubies as it says • Breguet hands • Hand engraved on the back so no ugly finger marks on the foliate gold case. Please excuse...
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    Best Forum Post from European pocket watches board for 2020

    Of course John you are right....pretty amazing though It is just context really. My point really is to find some gems from this forum I missed not to discuss that issue here. Best wishes
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    Best Forum Post from European pocket watches board for 2020

    Outside my suburban west London front door in the depths of bleak deep midwinter the winds of change blow and buffet. My government has banned Christmas for the first time since 1647 and agreed a deal to leave (yes leave) the largest economic trade bloc in the world.( I do not say either...
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    New Novice Member needs assistance: 1773 England Pair Cased Fusee Pocket Watch?

    Lovely watch IdahoSpudNut can you share the note of the ancestor who bought the watch in kings lynn and took it all the way across the states.
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    Anderton (??) London Fusee movement

    Wow was that google alerts that brought you here? Lovely balance cock
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    Prescot Lancashire.

    Allan I hope expect you have seen but David here has a good explanation of the relationship between Hewitt and Wycherley. Of course they both later folded into the lwc Best Andrew
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    Instagram seasonal fun quiz from MIH

    Fun christmas quiz from the musee international d horlogerie In french but instagram offers translate to english Enjoy Andrew
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    Bovet Chinese pocket watch circa 18**?

    zedric Slightly off topic on the thread but you asked for more information on vaucher also spelt vauchez. I have looking at the maker too. Sometimes “A Paris” and sometimes not Recently I purchased the Dictionnaire des Horlogers Genevois written by Osvaldo Patrizzi published by Antiquorum...
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    Vauchez Fils a Paris

    Bumped - see other thread
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    Breguet sale of the century at LA Mayer museum - just cultural vandalism

    UPDATE Thank you for your interesting helpful comments. @DrJon The insurance proceeds was around $900K I think so not a real issue for a museum with around $2-3m of income each year. @ Ethan – I have written to AAMD to try to bring this to their attention. However this seems a rather US...
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    Breguet sale of the century at LA Mayer museum - just cultural vandalism

    Did people see the article on Hodinkee about the sale at sothebys of 70 or so amazing Breguet works by the LA mayer museum? Auction Report: Three Breguet Watches From The David Salomons Collection In The Mayer Museum Of Islamic Art Will Come Up At Sotheby's - HODINKEE...
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    International copyright

    It is worth remembering that copyright in the UK say for instance only lasts 70 years - the assumed average life of the author. There are also rights of fair use ie not for commercial gain. I would suggest it is reasonable on a forum like this. It is explained well here for English Law. " As...
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    Prescot Lancashire.

    Great stuff Allan - a little random but on your topic re Prescot. Names we recognise? Well there are some names we recognise there Allan in your list of births and deaths mentioning “watchmakers” - which I am guessing is the point? " Buried 1782 Joseph Hewitt, E. Watchmaker. (Buried Wife...
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    Waterbury Series J - with questions please

    I thought I would share some pictures of this Waterbury series J. The clickclack of the duplex escapement is so noisy that my wife will not have it in the bedroom! Blued hands, engine turned caseback, delicate seconds subdial. Then and now it has the look and feel of a watch many times its...

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