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  1. wrobbie

    LeCoultre Minute Repeater Restoration

    Very nice movement, your finishes look amazing. No dial-side pics? :) What's the finish on the winding wheel? It almost looks like sand-blasting.
  2. wrobbie

    Bergeon crown winder?

    Does anyone here have experience with crown winders, to help winding irritatingly sharp, narrow or tiny crowns? The usual type seems to be a all-metal body and serrated collet which I imagine is not very friendly to the crown's plating. Bergeon sells a rubber-tipped one, but I can't find a...
  3. wrobbie

    Controlled bluing in Parts making

    If you want an example of the bluing results, you can look in my in-progress pic in post #6. The bluest screw on the left will basically stay like that, since the hotplate is set to ~300 degrees C, i.e. it won't overshoot into grey shades. The other screws were placed later, and can be picked...
  4. wrobbie

    Controlled bluing in Parts making

    You're right, I had a look in the archives, and he uses the same things except for the heater. I wonder if that article is what subconsciously inspired me to build my own :)
  5. wrobbie

    Controlled bluing in Parts making

    Nice! Just to add, you can construct these yourself if you're in a country without easy access to old lab-ware etc. On ebay etc you can find cheap PID-controllers, often in a set with a thermocouple and a solid state relay. Then just buy some heating elements from the same place, mount them to...
  6. wrobbie

    Why does he bother cleaning?

    Very interesting thread! I've never heard of these, do you have more information on this? I've been having some issues lately with my rinses, in that I think that the parts are not entirely clean, but have a microscopic film on them. Everything looks spotless under the microscope, but oiling...
  7. wrobbie

    Roamer Brevete stem issues.

    Thanks! The snapping action on that one seems to be very light though. In my case I'm wondering which will snap first, the stem or the setting lever..
  8. wrobbie

    Mystery tools..

    I've got a little box with some mystery tools in it that I got at a watch fair in Holland along with a bunch of other boxes containing cylinder related punches etc. The box in question has four hardened rods, each with a hole drilled in them and a brass cap. The largest is something like 8mm...
  9. wrobbie

    Roamer Brevete stem issues.

    I've got at Roamer Brevete watch that I bought with crown and stem missing (and a heap of other issues). The case is an odd two part waterproof design where the movement comes out through the front, and a split stem is used. I've obtained two more junk MST movements (371, mine is 372) and...
  10. wrobbie

    Proper chip formation when turning with graver

    Same here. Face down on small diameters or thin brass means a very likely ruined workpiece (and possibly graver) for me. Unfortunately the flip-up toolrest on my Geneva-style lathe is always in the way when using the graver face-up. I don't know why it is so annoying. At one point I made a new T...
  11. wrobbie

    Exeter pocket watch identification

    Hi all, I have a pocket watch that I can't identify using the bestfit books or the internet. It's ~16 ligne, 15 jewel, stamped with the A.Michel (AM) logo. On the dial is the word 'Exeter'. The only thing I managed to do is find the AM logo in the bestfit books. Any ideas where else I...
  12. wrobbie

    American PW Found a grease bomb!

    I'm always very happy to find a watch that has been well-preserved in it's own oil bath for many years. As long as the dial isn't affected, a good soak in solvent and a run through the cleaning machine will result in a brand new looking watch without a spot of rust..
  13. wrobbie

    Technique for *this* kind of cap jewel?

    The way I do these (don't see them much) is to assemble dry, apply some oil on the other side (in the cupped jewel hole), and use a very fine modified oiler to push the oil down into the hole, until it gets wicked away into the reservoir between cap jewel and hole. Repeat until enough oil is...
  14. wrobbie

    Vintage graver question

    I guess you answered yourself? :) Yes, they are useful for shoulders. You can grind them in right- and left-hand shape. Anyhow, nice set of gravers! You'll have to refinish all of them for sure, they look pretty rough..
  15. wrobbie

    Mechanical WW Repairability question

    My bet would be that it's just very dirty and congealed. The stem issue may be a broken part in the keyless setting mechanism though. I wouldn't buy it without seeing the movement unless very cheap, but on the other hand your picture shows a watch in very good condition. Unless someone has been...

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