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    Cuckoo door arm problem

    I have removed the movement on my Herr Cuckoo, door will close, won’t close. Never know what it’s going to, or not do. please help! I’m posting pics to show. by having it out of the clock, I know it isn’t a bellows or bird tail problem.
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    Help Regula 25 music box won’t stop until cuckoo locks

    The clock is properly synchronized now! When it was brought into the shop, it had suffered a fall. As a result, the lever (arm) that pauses the fan had been bent just enough to allow the fan to be activated early and music box to start playing. Simply adjusted the arm properly, and it’s...
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    Help Regula 25 music box won’t stop until cuckoo locks

    Thanks for checking. I found an identical movement with box on YouTube, I’m ready to pull mine back out of the case later this evening and examine it. Just couldn’t get my video to load on the site.
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    Help Regula 25 music box won’t stop until cuckoo locks

    Thanks Vernon, this was very helpful.
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    Help Regula 25 music box won’t stop until cuckoo locks

    Finishing up on a Regula 25 with music box. Everything is fine except the box activates possibly a minute before the cuckoo, and won’t stop until the cuckoo finishes and locks. Then it stops. The arm pin is properly dropping into the slot, but not stopping the wheel until the Cuckoo locks...
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    Repolishing blackmarble French clock and American slate clock

    I’m impressed. I have two slate clocks that need similar attention. Thanks for sharing! Great job. Gives me the motivation to press onward.
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    Clock Help Seth Thomas Plymouth Ogee Label

    Yes, picture please. Wbclocks@gmail.com
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    Clock Help Seth Thomas Plymouth Ogee Label

    Looking for reproduction of the Seth Thomas Plymouth Ogee Label approx. 12" x 16" If nothing available, I would like to find directions for setting the clock up (as it was printed) to make my own. Cannot find one clear enough to read online. Thanks for your help!
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    Need help identifying

    I’m a new member, and have recently been gifted this beautiful clock case. I would like information on make, age, etc. one thing, it is all “old glass.” Any help is appreciated!

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