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    Beat error change after bezel repalcement

    Well-In the picture the hairspring has uneven coils. It may be the way it is sitting canted or not centered. But if it is deformed or more likely-not centered in the regulator pins it may be the reason. It is hard to see on the Seiko's but try to verify the hairspring breathes between the...
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    Replace mainspring/back window

    I'll try to be gentle. Unless the watch has a high sentimental value it will not be worth investing a repair. The movement is readily available. It is a Chinese hand wind movement so common when I needed a second hand for one I bought a whole watch from (Large Warrior Women) for about $11.00...
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    How close is the Asian 7750 clone?

    Here's what your looking for,
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    30 Dollars from China got me a copy of what?

    Truth be told...IMHO the Chinese watches are very good values. I bought a few small skeleton clones that go for less than $20.00 today long ago. I wanted something small enough to be a challenge to hone my skills on but working so I didn't have to chase many problems. 2 of the 3 came out so...
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    balance Need help with poising tool

    I think the moveable jaw where the 2 screws hold the jewel in place is too low. Loosen the 2 and center them is all I can advise. I have no idea how they would get like that but someone probably cleaned them for sale-too shiny. I am a big fan of poising and when done right the results speak...
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    qte. Monard Pocket Watch Info Needed

    A "Grand" watch indeed. One thing of note the case has a rope theme with the bow & rim-perhaps nautical. A very nice watch & excellent advice above. If unknown when it was done have it serviced. This may also reveal any makers marks that are often hidden. I would seek a referral from one of...
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    Waltham 37s 8 day car mounted pocket watch parts

    Yours will be a tad difficult but not impossible. You need a donor balance / movement to get a hairspring. That hairspring-if serviceable-will be matched to the balance it is on. Matched by weight that is. So unless you get extra lucky even if you get the right type of hairspring it will need...
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    American PW balance Cleaning Remove Rust From Hairsprings

    Rusty hairspring "rejuvination"....a success but at your own risk....
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    WALTHAM 8 DAY 9 JEWEL (SMALL BALANCE) STAFF WANTED!. Short shoulder / double roller If anyone has or knows the part # for the staff please reply or PM
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    Strange timegrapher reading-what sort of skullduggery is this?

    The machine sets the beat automatically. I'd bet a lot the hairspring has a alignment issue or the balance has enough debris to run in the "negative" -more than 999 sec slow a day the machine gives the ------ signal. or the ++++++ in the other direction. Pull the balance-clean everything in...
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    Junghans Flea Market Find - Fake or Not?

    Looks like a nice survivor. Not a fake-I doubt anyone would bother on that model. Always nice to see one brought back to life-just be sure to have a service on it. Old oils gum up and it would always be prudent in a recent purchase.
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    What movement is this

    I'd say Jauch also-Pl 78 cm? Have him look on the back plate-it should have the id stamped there. Also ask the location of the chime selector if it has one.
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    New production exclusive pocket watches

    I did the google. Sadly it is Chinese movements and a few quartz pieces. The movement with the center seconds is the cheapest mechanical movement they sell-I could get a whole watch from Amazonia for a tenner delivered. They are-or can be-ok movements. I bought 3 of them as trainers when I 1st...
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    Isochronism and Q

    I have just started a little test on my small balance 8 day Waltham. I know this type watch is capable of sub 10 seconds a week on a single wind. But maybe not this exact combination-the small balance has had me chasing my tail trying to find a spring combination or adjustment to lower the...
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    Isochronism and Q

    I'd say it is mass and the reason is a bit above my paygrade. But as a heavier object is harder to start or stop-that also means it is less affected by the forces driving it. Just a guess.

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