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    Edgar Henn miniature

    There will be info on thinning if you run a search. You need to kind of a creep up on it , but it is well within your capabilities. I assume you have it in beat? Do not mess with the eccentric unless it is obvious that it has been tampered with; leave it as your last resort.
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    Rare type of Bulle clock???

    That is a beautiful case and clock. If you find the serial number on the movement, use this for the age: Bulle Serial Numbers There is a section for listing your Bulle clocks, perhaps there would be more response there.
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    Help identify please

    Suspension guard; now I feel stupid! The pendulum and bicolor columns make this quite unusual and I would say you have made a good purchase.
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    Help identify please

    It looks very much like my Kern : I notice a thick piece at the bottom of your pendulum, which is unusual. Can you tell if it came that way? It looks to have aged the same as the rest. The back plate looks like it had some kind...
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    User manual Junghans ATO

    I think you want electric horology. Depending on the model, there should be an enlargement near the bottom of the pendulum that you can turn to raise or lower the rate.
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    Urania overhaul begins

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    Imhof Mystery clock

    I believe the "no jewels" had something to do with import duties at the time, paying more for jewels. It would mean lower costs for the consumer, since the import costs would be less.
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    Kundo Clock Help Needed

    Your fork could possibly be too tight if it is hard to get a paper between it at rest. There needs to be that much space at the end of the rotation so that it can give a nudge in the opposite direction when the pin is released from the escape wheel. The video Warne suggested will allow a view of...
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    I was thinking about the pallet movement before I opened the forum today and if you were able to adjust the beat without problems, the pallets can't be that far off. So don't lose heart on that. I agree with Kurt on the fork. The paper thickness, like an index card, should be the amount when it...
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    Do not give up. I did not mean that all was lost if you adjusted the pallets, it can still be fixed, just a little harder. We have all had our moments of feeling defeated. It only makes the joy that much greater when you overcome it. Kurt's idea of a video is a great idea. A shot where we can...
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    Adjusting the pallets on 2 can have major consequences and might be the reason you can not get it in beat. I am not sure I understand the circle on the floor, but if it is touching the base in even the slightest fashion, it will not run.
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    720 degrees is much too much; you could put a twist into your suspension spring. It will possibly not run, then. You will see a kink if this happens. Continue to watch the release of the pallet, b, and the rotation of the pendulum. If the rotation on one side is more than the other, turn the...
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    Kern & Link standard, dial restoration advice

    From what I have read on here that is a good product and any high carnauba wax is supposed to be good. I think the wax is chosen because when it is time to clean again, it removes easier than a lacquer. Others on here can correct me if I am wrong. Personally, I have recently gone to lacquer...
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    Do not adjust 1. This will almost always be correct and will make things worse for you if you should adjust it; the only time this part needs adjusting is probably when someone has adjusted it incorrectly in the past. Move your pendulum slowly while watching parts 2 and 5. When one of the...
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    Repairing of old Koma Clock

    Look for the part of the motion works that resembles the diagram. As b drops off of the tooth on a, note how far the pendulum continues to rotate. Then the pendulum will rotate back and the other b will then let the tooth advance from a on its side. Again note how far the rotation of the...
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