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    American PW Waltham model 1883 mvmt needs new wheel with pinion for second hand

    I have a waltham model 1883 movement that needs the wheel that carries the second hand replaced. The difficulty is, I'm not sure the name for it. Would it be the third or fourth wheel?
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    Goliath pocket watch serial numbers?

    I have a Goliath pocket watch made by Brevet, does anyone know where to find serial number info?
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    How long should you run the ultrasonic cleaner?

    How long is a normal run of the ultrasonic cleaner?
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    American PW Professional repair nightmare.

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, doesn't the minute hand go on the cannon pinion? As such, any downward force applied would be beared by the plate itself.
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    American PW Professional repair nightmare.

    We could call it the NAWCC Botchmaker Inventory:P I think mall battery replacers would have their own category. Then there's people with poorly dressed screwdrivers who scratch the plates up. Should people who mix up the screws have their own category?
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    English PW Fusee watch question

    These watches were very poor in terms of timekeeping. My understanding is that it was not uncommon for them to be about +/- 30 minutes a day.
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    Short stakes in staking set?

    My staking set has five short stakes, they're about an inch and a half in length. The ends are shaped like pins, and on one or two the tip is shaped like a screwdriver. Does anyone know anything about these little stakes?
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    Herschede Model 808 Mantle Clock

    Is anyone familiar with a herschede Model 808 mantle clock? It has westminster chimes and is built in the napoleon's hat style. I'm trying to get a rough idea of how old the model 808 is. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Waltham "Inspector's Special"

    Let's see if this attaching thing works:)
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    Gentlemen, can you identify this movement please?

    Wow, that is the first time I've seen the wolf tooth gear profile.
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    Waltham "Inspector's Special"

    I've been looking at a pocket watch, the dial says Waltham. The movement is signed "Inspector's Special" and appears to be a modified 1883 movement. Waltham is not engraved on the movement at all. Is anyone familiar with this style?
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    Gentlemen, can you identify this movement please?

    Methinks is a customized ebauche.
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    Identifying Seth Thomas?

    Thank you very much! Your thoughts were very helpful, and I managed to identify the appropriate spring. Turns out the clock has an A-200 "Sharon" movement. After looking closely, I even found A-200 stamped on it.
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    Identifying Seth Thomas?

    Does anyone have tips on how I can identify a Seth THomas movement? It's in a E515-003 clock, and needs a new time train mainspring. I'm probably going to replace both time and strike, however. The time mainspring broke a few days ago. I can measure the existing mainspring, but there is...
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    Suppliers for HSS Gravers for Lathe?

    Prehistoric information, in truth. HSS is capable of being much harder than plain carbon steel. They are around 8% cobalt, and properly hardened land about 60 on the rockwell C scale.

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