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  1. V still in business?

    Today is September 9, 2022. Savage and Polite Price Guide is not accessible again. Does anyone know what's going on?????
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    Help with Dating a Lenzkirch.

    I recently purchased the Lenzkirch shelf clock but cannot figure out what it manufacture date. I have looked on the serial number list for Lenzkirch but don't think that this is a 1865 clock. Here are pictures of the clock and the serial number on the movement. Have not idea what the "1...
  3. V still in business?

    I too have not been able to access their site for at least a month.....Does anyone know how to get in touch with them? Are they still in business????????
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    American ITHACA PARLOR 3-1/2 LABELS

    Anybody out there that either has had or currently has an Ithaca Parlor calendar 3-1/2...... Can anyone tell me about the labels for the clock? I believe that there are 2. My question is "Are the labels on the BACK of the backboard or on the backboard inside the clock so that they are not...
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    Inventory program?

    Can anybody suggested Inventory Program for Clocks. I need one to also include another type of collection. I have tried Collectify and it appears to have some problems in getting back to me.
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    American Clock Inventory computer program

    I did not know that Frostbow was still in existence...Will check it out. Thank you
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    American Clock Inventory computer program

    I have been trying to locate a Clock inventory program on the net and nothing seems to do the trick. I am trying to have a program, not free, that allows me to list a clock, describe a clock, show photos of the clock and then "evaluate" it. In the past I have used a GREAT program called...
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    Help with early Scottish Tall Case

    Does anyone have any idea about this clock? Owners say that it is from 1750's... I would like to give them ANY information. Help would be appreciated.... Thank you in advance........ Vince Angell
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    What is this clock -

    We can help you better if you can post some pictures of your item. Pictures can either be uploaded from another web site or from a picture file on your workstation. Use the "Manage Attachments" feature to include them with your post. Trying to find out what this clock is...Is it...
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    Need help identifying Lyre clock......

    Thank you for the reply.....I have been told that this could possibly be a Durfee. They also used Waltham movement and actually mounted them on a similar black backboard that was glued to the inside back of the case. Also, there are examples of Durfee clocks that used this same movement with...
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    Need help identifying Lyre clock......

    A friend needs help in identifying this clock. He has owned it for about 40 years. It has what appears to be an unmarked Waltham movement with the # 5600 on it.... ....No other markings on this clock. No signature on it anywhere. It does have a black seat board behind the movement that...
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    W H grandfather clock

    I am looking at a Winterhalder and Hofmeier Grandfather clock for sale. Can anyone tell me about this clock. It looks to be a GREAT clock. Thank you, Vince
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    Bundy Time Clock

    I have the punch mechanism but not the actual clock movement.
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    Bundy Time Clock

    I just purchased a Bundy Time Recorder with the timeclock mechanish but no clock movement. The dial says International Time Recording Co. Help with finding a movement please. Attached two pictures. Thanx, vince-phyl

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