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    Sherline Lathe will arrive tomorrow

    You did this on a lathe? Care to share the details?
  2. UncleDoc

    Shopping for Dial Indicator

    Yeah, the holder part is the most difficult part to get my head around.
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    Shopping for Dial Indicator

    Does anyone have a suggestion/preference for a particular dial indicator for use on a Sherlne lathe? I know there are a million choices, but I'd rather not make a mistake, as funds are finite. Thanks. Duane
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    Any Suggestions For 1st Time Lathe Use?

    Way too big of a work piece. Cut off one inch piece and place it in the chuck and practice the basic cuts by following the Sherline Manual that came with your lathe. Do a face cut, then turn the piece around and face the other end. Once faced, do basic cuts as well as drilling a center hole...
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    How Do You Reduce Backlash (end play / slop) for the "Y" Axis of a Sherline Metric Lathe?

    I have about half that backlash with my 4530 lathe. I was able to minimize it by following the excellent set-up instructions from Sherline. At first I was concerned feeling how much backlash there was (originally about 0.13mm as the OP), but once you figure out how small it is and how to...
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    Looking For My First Lathe -- And Some Questions About A Top Contender

    I'm about two months into my learning curve on my Sherline (8" Metric Package B). I started with turning things I had laying around the garage. Eventually bought different sizes of 12L14, 360 Brass and Aluminum. I learned that you (I) cannot machine Copper. Started with HSS tools that came...
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    Lathe cutting tools/accessories

    Proud to spark such an incredibly educational thread (for me). I have realized a simple pleasure that I can now create my own brass pins, turn tapered pins into straight pins and make my wife a fairly competent ring/band. She loved it when I gave it to her. Makes her not mind me being down...
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    NAWCC Member Discount for Sherline tools?

    What's the part number for the pivot polishing materials? Tried, but failed to find it. Thanks.
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    Dual-wheel grinder for tool sharpening

    I'm finding lots of info out there on how to grind lathe tools, but need help setting up my grinder. Sherline says to start with 60 grit, but if I have dual wheels what would be considered a good pair of grit size on either side? Ready to order, just need some help. Thanks. Duane
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    Why no sales allowed on MB or NAWCC online?

    What a great comment. It's essentially what's been percolating in my head since I first found this thread. You folks on the admin side of this are so completely obtuse, in my opinion. Have a BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) section of the forum. Free to all, members or not. Has to follow the general...
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    Lathe cutting tools/accessories

    Excellent, thanks
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    Lathe cutting tools/accessories

    Having had a few days to play with my lathe, I am wondering about sources (other than Sherline in CA) of cutting tools and the like. The post triggering this question was one by Jerry Keiffer regarding his strategy of not sharpening HSS tools, but using carbide tools and just replacing when...
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    Sherline Lathe will arrive tomorrow

    Well that simplifies things. I knew I didn’t need it for turning but the Sherline literature says it should be used for drilling. I can deal with chips, but oily chips are another thing all together.
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    NAWCC Member Discount for Sherline tools?

    I used Discount Campus, but the prices look to be very slightly lower. They're all drop shipped from Vista, CA, so shipping should be fairly comparable depending on where you live.

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