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    Where to Start?

    Joe, also try this site and click on 'theory'
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    Labor Day Clock Giveaway!

    hey Scoddy, uh, jush got back frum labr day partie, uh , how bout puttin me in for # fi ee tew? huh? whaa?
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    Syracuse Meeting

    Well Ryan, it be me for one!! Hope to see you there.
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    Escape from Seth Thomas

    Tony, try timesavers http:// and look at part # 11651. Is that a possibility?
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    New Haven 8-day strike question

    Randy, this video is good for understanding the strike mech. on a count-wheel strike movement.
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    Spring warning

    Sheesh, anybody can see that it is from a flappendapper pherbulator used for fribbing the flobber on the floober. Seriously , TX, what the hell is it? Home made? Phonogragh part?
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    Herschede nine tube question

    WEMOOZ, please read Labounty's reply again. He is right. Also, you said "and I will be content to not lose any sleep over what I do not understand. Look at it this way. If early clocks did not have these knobs, maybe the clock really does not need them!" It's still good to know what function a...
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    2 weight 5 tube Herchedes GF clock

    Ugh! I've worked on a half dozen or so of them and downed a fifth of scotch after each overhaul. Well, not the whole fifth. They are a challenge. Dick is right about Connover's book. Don--I found that the movement is not tolerable to minimal wear. Check the pulleys too!!
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    Unghans B06 question

    Greetings REALTIME, can you put up a pic of the gear? I have some B 06 parts and might have the gear for you.
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    unusual part on GF clock

    Prevents the rack tail from jamming against the snail if the strike weight runs out before the time?
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    I chickened out - would you have ?????

    Previous replies-- Thirty years ago? Mebbe. Maybe. Today? Nope. Uh - uh. Don't need that kind of a "high" anymore. Scottie Like Scottie, in my younger days, no problem. Now I would make up some kind of rope harness for safety. As Clint says, "A man's gotta know his limitations". Harold...
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    Just a second!

    It depends on your geographical location. If you are in the southern hemisphere it could be darker, but then it could be lighter. And I am unanimous on this particular subject.
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    Help with floor clock identification?

    Looks very much like a Gilbert I worked on long, long ago.
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    Just a second!

    Since the Earth itself is slowing down, timekeepers(they didn't consult with me)are adding an extra second to their atomic clocks to keep up with Earth's slightly slowing rotation. The extra second will be added on to Dec. 31 after 6:59:59 p.m. and before 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. So be sure...
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    Dating a G.Becker GF?

    Burkhard, http:// This link will help with the dating.

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