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    Need glass dome for 1000-day clock

    I have one and can ship worldwide as I am in Sydney Australia please send me a PM.
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    Need glass dome for 1000-day clock

    Hi there I
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    Grivolas suspension question

    these are 100% original made by grivolas and used in the taller cases if they had a standard pendulum fitted instead of a taller pendulum here are some pictures of the taller pendulum in a taller case and another exact extension like yours.
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    Rare Miniature temp comp haas hauck 400 day clocks

    It’s a silver dial striker that came with 2 pendulums.i sold this clock along with a few others and they are now on display in the Dalai clock museum in China that a friend of mine works for.
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    Rare Miniature temp comp haas hauck 400 day clocks

    It’s actually a mini becker skeleton with the real ones next to it here’s a better pic.
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    Rare Miniature temp comp haas hauck 400 day clocks

    Just wanted to show my pair of mini hauck clocks.never seen others before.both are differant with one having mini round movement and other a mini rectangle movement.also pendulums one has 2 weights one has 4 weights and holding screws are differant has the same casting underneath the...
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    Post your GRIVOLAS 400 Day clocks here

    Hi there I have something better then a picture I have a spare bezel complete with decoration also I have a spare original unnumbered pendulum let me know if interested.
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    Unusual Miniature Skeleton Clock

    Here pics of another mini GB skeleton with the correct pendulum.
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    Painting the clock face of a Kaiser Grand Universe

    i polish mine back then silver or paint them then I take them to a lady here in Australia that does dial painting by freehand and this is the end result.the one at the top is original the 2 under that one are finished restored.
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    juf pendulum hook

    Hi there I have these hooks in stock see pics below they are in 2.5mm or 3mm thread. Just send me a message.regards MICHAEL.
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    New addition: Harder

    Hi eric I have these very well made to spec pendulums send me a personal message if you require one.regards michael.
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    C- Suspension

    i have them just send me a pm.michael.
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    Triple date moonphase badishe 400 day clock

    I don't think it was home made and believe that it is factory made as it is just to good quality especially the dials and the work on the steel spring levers and arms that activate everything it could have been possibly made for a show or exhibition ???.
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    Triple date moonphase badishe 400 day clock

    I just got this clock from holland and it's the most complicated 400 day clock I have seen I think it's all original as the movement has many features that would be hard to make like extended shafts on the front plate that hold extra wheels and levers.the only thing I think is not original is...
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    My new GB

    Here Is a pic of the oval dome version of your half skeleton gb model on the left of the photo.

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