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    A.W.W.Co Dial - hand painted with Locomotive

    The dial here is quite similar. Nice art project on the part of whoever copied it.
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    Waltham Watch and case Identification

    According to the database, this is what you have here. It's a model 1908 from approximately 1918. I don't see anything that shouts Canadian railway at me.
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    Investigating Waltham Watch

    I think we need some photos (please...)
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    Collectors and Cracked Jewels (moral not watch repair question)

    I would view it as being akin to replacing a damaged or worn-out component on a classic car. Let me see now... which would I prefer to have in my garage - a 1960s Ferrari with original but worn-out tyres, or the same car with decent tyres scavenged from wherever they can be found? If I just...
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    American Pocket Watches for Export

    Just showing a recently-arrived model 1899 Cronometro Victoria. Running excellent. I checked a few old threads... we've had several of these shown, with a variety of dials. It's turned up in a somewhat incorrect Illinois case (no inner dust cover, superfluous lever slot at the front, a couple of...
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    Cracked dials - yea or nay?

    If I was following the often-touted advice to just collect a small number of brilliant watches in best-possible condition, then even a slightly cracked dial would likely be a major issue for me. Equivalent to (say) scratches on the case or movement. However, since I am mostly feeding at the...
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    Exciting Find (for me anyways) Waltham Wristlet circa 1927

    I say - go ahead and try to clean it with the cleaning materials of your choosing. You can't possibly make it any worse than it already is. If you are unsuccessful then you can always buy up another one and swap the dials over. One thing to be aware of - that looks like it could be radium paint...
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    American Waltham Pocket Watch identification

    The database has it as... Waltham Pocket Watch: Serial Number 9256140 (Grade Seaside) Looks about right to me...
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    20th c 1st Q American Waltham watch for the Peruvian market - questions

    Looking at the photos of Grade 3 that people have uploaded, I do see 1 other with a similar regulator to yours. Another interesting point of variation is that the case screws are not all in the same place. We often mention here that certain grades were made specifically for the South American...
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    Do you still have the first pocket watch you collected?

    I imagine that most collectors (of anything, not just watches) have a tendency to hold onto the first item they consciously collected (as well as the first one they received as a gift or inheritance.) I still have the one I inherited, plus 99% of the ones I've bought since. We discussed "first"...
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    Received my Waltham Crescent St.

    Assuming it hasn't been abused, then yes it should still be capable of such accuracy. As to whether you'll actually get it though, depends on whether or not the watch has been recently serviced by someone who knows what he's doing.
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    Identify Pocket Watch Size from Dial Only?

    I believe the answer to be - it varies, depending on manufacturer / model / grade / decade etc, and sometimes even according to what sort of case the movement was originally destined to go in. But if you don't mind a really wide margin of error, then we could say that for a typical Waltham...
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    Stripped Watches

    Well, we're up to 20 posts already, so it's time for me to chime in... Long gone are the days when I might be willing to pay several hundred dollars/pounds for a single watch. So, as a collector of movements first, dials second, cases third and history fourth, it actually suits me very nicely...
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    A Horological Relic from the RMS Titanic

    I am reminded of the famous Harrow & Wealdstone train crash of 1952 - a very short distance from where I grew up, albeit long before I was born. The station clock stopped exactly when the crash happened. Another source tells me that the hands of the clock had stopped pointing to some text which...
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    A Horological Relic from the RMS Titanic

    Sadly it's out of shot. They needed a much, much wider-angle camera. You'd need to go there (or find someone else who is passing through southern Cornwall.) :-)

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