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    NAWCC Museum visit and research on a Tho. Norton tall clock

    Loomes shows the following: A google search on Twellsbury doesn't seem to turn up anything. Of course, if Twellsbury was either a tiny hamlet that dissipated into nothing or was quickly absorbed by a larger urban area, there may not be many references to it. I second Dean on the dating based...
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    Can you tell me about this new grandfather

    My comment on the hood only had to do with the proportions, not on whether or not this was the correct hood for the clock. Had I been designing this I would have made the width over the arch closer to the same as the width on the sides and bottom of the dial. That's all.
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    System slow, suggest disabling full size images in posts.

    Interesting discussion! As a daily reader (though not frequent poster) of the forum and a 35-year I.T. professional, I would venture that part of the issue is in the wording of the options presented to the user. I click on "Attach files". I select the file I want to attach. I see that the...
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    Can you tell me about this new grandfather

    I was watching this one, too. However, had I brought it home it would have taken several days to smooth things out with the spouse. I have enough open-ended projects right now! I'll be interested to see what others think. I like the wood works and the face. The hour hand seemed thicker and...
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    Need info

    From Tran Duy Ly's book on Sessions Clocks, Grand No. 3 - 1915 on page 222. Also pictured in the book on page 264 is a movement from Grand No. 2 (also 1915), and the movements match.
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    Caught in a house fire - Stephen Hasham

    Interesting that Loomes has no mention of a "Hasham" of any kind. The link Dave supplied certainly supports he lived and breathed. Searching down the page in Loomes I see this entry: "Hassam, Stephen. From Boston to Charlestown (NH, USA) c. 1787". That certainly corresponds to the info from...
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    Wheeler.clock, and 2 more

    Looks like the suspension spring is broken. The upper part is still in place but the spring and lower part is gone. Therefor nothing to hang the leader from.
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    WM. L. Gilbert. Year made?

    Tran Duy Ly shows it on pg 323 of Gilbert Clocks as 1885.
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    Jean Richard grandfather clock pendulum repair

    You may want to look at one of these or something similar: Rectangular Tipped Grandfather Suspension Spring Round Tipped Grandfather Suspension Spring Grandfather Suspension Spring Brass Pieces On Both Ends
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    Rust within a year.

    Altashot, I see you are in Canada. Just how dry does it really get? Or is it a concern about heating systems and not enough indoor humidity? At one time I kept a small flock (10 or so) of chickens for eggs. I decided to let one hen hatch a bunch. Somewhere I'd read that it was important to...
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    First (and second) time bluing hands

    Not sure I want to know about anyone's colorful movements. ( :) Sorry. First thing I though of when I saw Jeff's comment!) Seriously, nice job! I haven't taken this on yet myself but have a couple sets of clock hands that could be beautiful with this treatment.
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    Winding School ...

    I have an Emperor wall clock I assembled in 1989. I used to be more of Willie's "mad man" school - turn half a turn, let go, turn half a turn, etc. until relatively tight. Around 1995 while winding something went KA-BANG! and stuff quit working. Because it was relatively new I sent it back to...
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    Stripping Cases VS Careful Cleaning

    No worries, Jim. The search for that thread was fun, and I was able to learn a bit about someone interesting though I never met George. I grew up in the 70's and watched my mother and others strip many antiques. So I'll admit that in my early adulthood that was my first thought as to what...
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    Stripping Cases VS Careful Cleaning

    In case anyone is looking for the earlier link (as I was):
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    Any info on Samuel Smith of Newcastle?

    Neat! What were their names?

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