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    George Daniels The Practical Watch Escapement

    I have an extra copy if anyone is interested. Todd Warriner
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    Review: Ermert: Precision Pendulum Clocks in Germany 1730-1940 - Volume 3 (2013)

    Fortunat, the web sight to buy the book should be: you forgot the "e"
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    Water of Ayr / Tam o' shanter stones

    Gordon, I believe that a Scotch hone is a another type of stone. I posted the question because I have a chance to get some Tam O' Shanter stones. I have both water of Ayr and tam o' shanter stones and to me they aren't the same thing. A water of Ayr stone is softer and has a greasy feel to it...
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    Water of Ayr / Tam o' shanter stones

    Is a water of ayr stone the same thing as a tam o' shanter stone?
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    Steiner Jacot tool - missing internal spring loaded bobbin

    Patrick, While sitting here playing with it I got it apart. There are 5 pieces 2 springs and 2 screws. This weekend I will make some drawings and take some photos. email me your address and I will send it all off to you as soon as I get the drawings done. Todd
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    Steiner Jacot tool - missing internal spring loaded bobbin

    Patrick, I have the same tool that you do. On the lower left hand side of the tool there is something round that's where the adjustment for tension is on mine can you see on yours how that comes out? I will be glad to make you drawings of the parts as soon as I figure how to take it apart. Todd
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    Omega Jump Seconds Clock

    I understand, in this Omega the spring is being wound to provide power to turn the second hand where in a classic remotoire it is providing power to the escape wheel. Is it considerd a clock becouse it sits on a desk rather than beeing carryed? Nice stuff thanks for posting. Todd
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    Omega Jump Seconds Clock

    Thats an interesting video on You tube. You call it a clock but it dosen't look to be any bigger than a pocket watch. How is it cased? Omega's way of making jump seconds is quite similar to a remontoire
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    Review: Perman - Grand Complication (2013)

    Re: Review: Fortunate: Do you think there was anything you could call a race? From my reading of the book I'm not convinced that they even knew what the other was doing.
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    Hauser p325

    Other then the one in George Danials book has anybody ever seen a Hauser P325 jig borer?
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    Review: Clerizo (2013): George Daniels – A Master Watchmaker & His Art

    I receved an email from Amazon yesterday telling me that the book is going to be released early. Amazon said my copy was shipped March 1st.
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    Review: Clerizo (2013): George Daniels – A Master Watchmaker & His Art

    I have this book on pre-order from Amazon. After reading your review I can't wait to get it.
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    New Book?

    My copy arrived yesterday, i am into it about 150 pages. I would be interested in hearing what other think about this "rivalry" between the two men to have the worls most complacated watch.
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    Why did you join NAWCC?

    I joined in the early 1980's to meet people with a like interests, what I found was the biggest bunch of rude stuck up status conscious people I ever had the misfortune to meet. I put up with this for a number of years because the marts were the only game in town to buy used watch tools. Since...

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