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    Help Identifying German Grandfather Clock

    Ha! I never caught that until it was pointed out. My mistake! Upon searching all over the backside of the case, I finally discovered some writing: Built by O. R. Dodd E. M. Cronch (this could be Crouch as well I suppose. The writing is very difficult to read on this part) August 8th 1968...
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    Help Identifying German Grandfather Clock

    Thank you very much to you both. I'll see what I can find out and if possible, obtain more photos as well if I can't find any sort of information.
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    Help Identifying German Grandfather Clock

    Hello there, I have a Grandfather clock that I've been meaning to learn more about. I do know it's German and contains Westminster quarter chimes, but other than that I'm afraid I'm a bit in the dark. I do have some photos located here...

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