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    Truth or Myth

    Ugh, those are true horror shows
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    Suspension Spring Gone Rogue

    I ordered a dozen springs a few years ago and these two both came from the same batch. They did come from the auction site so QC is suspect. Lesson learned. Shutterbug, I imagine you're correct but it went into the trash last night and I'm moving on to the next project...a Willmann VR...
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    Suspension Spring Gone Rogue

    Think I'll just add it to the mental list of things to check before doing a full teardown and move on. Too many other projects on the list. Thanks Willie!
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    Suspension Spring Gone Rogue

    Can a suspension spring suddenly "go bad" for no apparent reason? A spring-driven Kienzle wall clock stopped working a few weeks ago. It would run for a few minutes after nudging the pendulum but then slow to a stop. So I disassembled the movement and cleaned it with mineral spirits and a...

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