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    Research for a novel

    Hi, In my humble opinion, the inspection phase you speak of could be an entertaining read if, for instance, your character removes the hands with pliers and the dial screws with a screwdriver (obviously), to reveal the paper wedged above the movment, preventing it from working, and furthermore...
  2. Ticktocktime100

    American Difference between Grandfather and Grandmother clocks...

    Hi, I've heard many different theories, I don't know which is true, and to be honest it scarcely matters as the term "longcase" clock is more accurate and technical, at least in my humble opinion. The names "grandfather" and "grandmother" are merely affectionate, and are derived from the song...
  3. Ticktocktime100

    Something I always come across...

    A 30 hour spring is less powerful than an 8 day one, but I wouldn't underestimate it - inspect each gear very carefully for damaged teeth or anything else. One nasty surprise can lead to another... Regards.
  4. Ticktocktime100

    Help ID this travel clock

    Hi, Unscrewing the back cover might tell us more, but the movement is more than likely Swiss or German. It probably dates to the 1930"s. I wonder if it is original to the case - I may well be wrong, but I'm used to seeing thinner movements in these travel clocks, close to that of pocket watches...
  5. Ticktocktime100

    American Clock Purchased From Pony Express

    Hi, Lubricating the clock with the appropriate clock oil, which is very inexpensive, would only have a positive affect on the movement. It may be fine now, but leaving the pivots dry will eventually cause wear to the holes they fit into - if this happens, the cost of servicing will outweigh the...
  6. Ticktocktime100

    Not old but pretty

    Hi, A three-train clock in fully working order and in excellent condition for $40 isn't anything to complain about - it's only a little more than $10 per train, if you think about it! It all depends wether you prefer these modern products, which are of no great interest to collectors, to...
  7. Ticktocktime100

    Identification Assistance

    Proclocks did indeed reproduce this type of clock, so you may be correct JTD - however, I don't recall the reproductions in question being similar to this one, at least the ones I've come across. Regards.
  8. Ticktocktime100

    Identification Assistance

    Hi, A nice clock! These rotating dial clocks certainly are interesting, It is a reproduction of a 19th century model, made in the 1970’s at the earliest. It is nonetheless a nice quality reproduction - I suspect it is German and not Chinese in view of the overall way it is made, with nice brass...
  9. Ticktocktime100

    Any idea of my table clock , maker and year

    Hi, A great many of these German shelf clocks were exported to France from Germany. Regards.
  10. Ticktocktime100

    I need to try to get some INFO

    Hi, Others will know more, but it looks to be a Scottish longcase (I believe the painted dials are typical of Scottish longcases), made somewhere between 1830 and 1850. The maker's name on the dial seems to have worn away, which makes it difficult to attribute - please don't do anything to the...
  11. Ticktocktime100

    Trying to identify clock

    Hi, It could very well be Ansonia as suggested, but the escapement reminds me of a New Haven product - I may be wrong. Regards.
  12. Ticktocktime100


    Hi, Yes, the movement is indeed Japanese, circa 1900 - a pity about the damage to the teeth, I've never seen it quite that bad on a single wheel. If it were me, I would look out for an incomplete movement and replace only the damaged wheel. Regards.
  13. Ticktocktime100

    A Christmas thread: your best buy(s) of 2020

    Fabulous clocks Nick, congratulations - they would certainly be top of my list for this year! If the hands on the Bishop are replacements, they still look the part. Regards.
  14. Ticktocktime100

    HAC clock

    Hi, All the relevant information regarding the history and logo has been provided above, I can only confirm that 1920's is spot on. Rather plain oak cases such as that of your clock, often in the architectural style, were very much in favour at that time. Regards.
  15. Ticktocktime100

    Austrian? Giltwood Picture Frame Clock - Info Opinions Welcome

    Hi, Not sure why the hole at the top is there - but I'm pretty certain it wasn't to acommodate a finial. Perhaps someone had another hook in place to hang it, or is there evidence of any old restoration in that spot? Regards.
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