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    Hermle triple train movement

    Hello! I am currently repairing a Hermle triple train grandfather clock movement. The numbers on the back of the movement read 83 1161-850. What would cause the second hand to flutter a few seconds at once? I have checked the escapement and it does not skip teeth. I have checked the depthing...
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    My new "babies"

    Hello! I really like some of the styles of cuckoo clocks that are marked E.Schmeckenbecher. Especially the animated cuckoo clocks. I have several wall models and some shelf cuckoos with that marking on the movement. I wouldn't say that any of those cuckoos are rare. They are "modern" style...
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    Schatz miniature--unusual style

    Hello! Yes, they come up from time to time at antique shops in my area. Thanks! Neal
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    Carriage clock repair

    Hello! Thanks for the advice. Lifting the tail off of the top of the other coild solved the problem. The clock is keeping perfect time. Thanks! Neal
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    Carriage clock repair

    Hello! I looked at the hairspring under a microscope. The tail was laying across the top of the other coils. I straightened out the tail so it was not touching any of the coils. Now the balance wheel has quiet a bit more amplitude. May this will fix the problem. I will let ya guys know...
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    Carriage clock repair

    Hello! I am having the same problem with a time only carriage clock. I am also new to this type of clock as I specialize in Black Forest clocks. The clock gains about 20 minutes a day on the slowest setting. I have overhauled the movement. The balance wheel does not seem to have adequate...
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    Beha Musica Cuckoo Clock Restoration

    Hello! I believe that the music box is original. The wood plate movement was manufactured to actuate a music box. Additionally, the count wheel has extra pins in it to actuate the levers that activate the music box. One of the simplest set ups I have seen in a musical cuckoo clock. Also, there...
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    Junghans ATO Clock

    Hello! Since I do have the broken dial; I thought about taking it to an auto glass restorer. Some of those places can repair a crack in a windshield invisibly. What do you guys think? Thanks! Neal
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    Junghans ATO Clock

    Hello! Yes, that clock is identical to the one I have. I do have the glass dial, but it is cracked in half right down the center. Thanks! Neal
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    Beha Musica Cuckoo Clock Restoration

    Hello! I wanted to share pictures of a musical Beha cuckoo clock that I just overhauled. Mainly the operation of the music box. It is a very simple, yet effective set up. The music box plays 4 tunes and is keywound. I also repaired the cuckoo bird. The wires in the bird were mangled and the...
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    Junghans ATO Clock

    Hello! Does anyone know anybody that would reproduce the dial for an ATO Junghans Chrome clock. It is reverse painted on glass. Thanks! Neal
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    Post your Cuckoo clocks here.

    Hello! I have 100+ cuckoo clocks. I'll post pictures of some of them. Enjoy! 1. Cuckoo quail clock, vintage cuckoo clock, T/S cuckoo style wood plate movement clock. 2. Gothic cuckoo clock, railroad cuckoo clock, 2 horn trumpeter, large cuckoo quail clock. 3. two shelf cuckoo clocks 4. A few...
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    Clock Peddler figural clock

    Hello! Thanks for the comments guys. This clock looks good in the collection. Thanks! Neal
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    It's only a myth... or is it?

    Hello! My morbier clock does the same thing periodically. If I wind it until the weights touch the bottom of the case; the clock wants to stop. If I wind the clock to to where the weights are about 1/4 from the bottom of the case, it runs like a champ. Thanks! Neal
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    Clock Peddler figural clock

    Hello! I saw this clock at a local antique shop about 6 years ago. It was priced at $250.00. Considering It is a reproduction, I thought about it for a while. I went back to the antique shop to purchase the clock and some one had stolen the movement from the clock. The owner of the clock put it...

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