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    Need help identifying this Swiss movement

    Albert LeCoultre (somewhat related to myth-bloated Blancpain ? Need advice here, thanks), presumably not related horology-wise to Antoine LeCoultre, which usually is associated with low-grade movements, mostly cylinder escapement junks
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    Odd-looking high grade movement identification

    Ben, thanks your input, but it doesn't seem that H Beguelin had made movements of this level
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    Odd-looking high grade movement identification

    Have seen this thing many times which are ubiquitously signed by high-end American jewelrers. The maker ? Thanks in advance for assistance to be rendered.
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    Jos Johnson Private Label

    Is this one also a J.J. PL ? - dial "Warranted Time Keeper 13876" - movement "Wm Cooper Liverpool 13876" - case "Fahys Coin" + # unmatcing
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    Bigelow Kennard

    Fortunately I've got this one signed from my archive:
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    1910 V&C Trials Watch

    I've also got a Bigelow VC with the 1884 Patent regulator + Guillaume Balance (traits qualifying for VC Observatory grade ?) It came from the "evil bay" costing me about 400 bucks 3 years back, did I get a good deal (of course at that price level it is re-cased in a mediocre nickle case) ?
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    Bigelow Kennard - Vacheron Movement?

    This 21J (most likely) Bigelow VC is strange in that it also has Guillaume Balance but not the Pat (either 1884 or 1904) regulator Here is my Bigelow VC with Guillaume Balance + Pat 1884 regulator:
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    Birks Challenger

    What is this movement ? Thanks
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    Please help identify this watch

    Yours is a Haas - same mvmt as the above #56838 which is a 21J whilst yours is either 19J or 21J
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    Trying to identify pocket watch

    Guess the plate-over-barrel layout is neither too rare nor valuable - I got this one from Ebay for $41 a few months ago
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    Help to find the dial for Tiffany split second pocket watch

    One more thing, Ed Koehn signed its "Tiffany"s in cursive form, both on the dial and movement. So even if it is replaced with a PP Tiffany dial, the incongruity of signature with that on the movement will definitely downgrade your "very important" Tiffany
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    Help Indentifing Movement On A Open Face Pocket Watch

    This Agassiz-likely movement is even equipped with a Guillaume Balance
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    FF Bonnet Columbus Ohio Pocket Watch

    Sorry, this definitely is a Jules Monard of Geneva who produced so many PL high-end watches for the U.S. jewelers but overwhelmingly most were signed only with the jeweler's name. Here is a rare one (#23248) co-signed Hamann & Koch NY:
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    Swiss movement ID, please

    Agassiz most likely - here is a rare* one resembling the movement at issue: * period Agassizes are U.S. jeweler private-labelled predominantly, thus signed ones are rare

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