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    Can you identify the figure on this clock?

    In addition to riding boots she also wears armor. Is the area under the clock representing water or fire? If fire is represented it is surely Joan of arc. She was eventually canonized by the church and saints are sometimes shown in art with the index finger of their left hand pointing towards...
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    The auction has ended...

    WOW, did this thread take a left turn. While I am not in the slightest interested in politics I am a fan of Pacita Abad and the unique art niche she created. I would enjoy seeing your trapunto painting done with a black background, like a black faced clock it seems to be pretty rare. Is it...
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    What is the difference between an E Howard number 41 or 42

    Andre, Could you post picture of what you have. I could find neither a #41 or #42 in any of my Howard catalogs. D`
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    Nano470 Glass Glue on sale

    Dulles Glass & Mirror has Nano470 glass glue on sale this week. This is the glue that is formulated to make invisible repairs in glass. I am not affiliated with Dulles in any way. I am customer and have been very happy with their service. D`
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    Castrol Hyspin E5 Spindle oil

    Brento, Yes, New England as in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Try contacting Castrol directly: CONTACT US | WELCOME | CASTROL USA In the upper right hand corner = contact us Ask them If the E5 grade is available in the USA and if not what would they recommend for our...
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    Castrol Hyspin E5 Spindle oil

    Castrol Hyspin E5 is a unique oil. There are no exact comparables. It has an ISO viscosity of 5 and has proprietary additives that gives it enhanced lubricity. That being said I have never been able to buy it here in New England. At one time my industrial oil supplier said he could get me a 55...
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    Heat Treating Drill Rod

    Hi Nora, For 5/64 dia. W1 drill rod you will need to heat it to 1425 – 1500 F. for 5 – 6 minutes. Temperature is important so you will need a way to measure 1425 – 1500F. To experiment with you can get temperature crayons for 1450F. and 1500F. Remove it from your oven and quench it in water or...
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    beveled glass

    Dulles Glass and Mirror is having a phenomenal sale on custom beveled glass this weekend. D~
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    "Free Machining Steel?"

    With today’s technology almost all metals can be tig welded. It just takes using the proper technique, equipment, and filler rod. There is a technique to welding 12L14, I use a Miller Dynasty 350 on low amperage with lanthanated electrodes and ER309 filler rod. If you want more details pm me. D~
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    American E. Howard Number 18 Marble Dial

    That’s a beautiful clock, that style case is seldom seen. Typically this would have a gallery clock movement in it. The motion works would have an extended hour tube and minute post to extend through the marble dial, also a short drop pendulum and a double compounded weight to power it for 8...
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    Are there hints who made the clock, looking on the box?

    I want to clarify something here because I have seen it stated wrongly many times. Tiffany made clocks and movements in their clock department between 1879 and 1918. They are marked ”Tiffany & Co. Makers”. They are of the highest quality showing exacting workmanship and sometimes have gold or...
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    Post any E. Howard clock here

    I had a piece of glass cut for the bezel and have that mudded in. It’s all assembled and ready to hang. I think it cleaned up well. If you see one of these or even just a movement like this one please send me a message. Thanks, D~
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    Post any E. Howard clock here

    I knew it was a long shot but I was hoping that someone else had or at least had seen one of these two train engine room clocks. I have been collecting engine room clocks for quite a while and would like to see if anyone else is interested in this clock genre. Does anyone have what Victor...
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    Post any E. Howard clock here

    Thank you both for your thoughts on the dial. I am not going to restore this clock I am leaning toward conservation. I cleaned the dial with a paste of very dilute lemon juice (fresh squeezed of course), cream of tartar, and rottenstone. It didn’t do much but that’s the way it will stay. I...
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    Post any E. Howard clock here

    This clock must have been sitting on a shelf face up for a long time. The glass was broken and the case, movement, and dial were filthy. I gave the dial a light cleaning with mild soap and water which removed the surface dirt. Is there any way to remove some of the staining without really...

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