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    Winding School ...

    On the subject of the winding key size, if the arbors have been rounded off (one of the consequences of an oversized key) you can of course square them up again by filing. If you do this, the arbor will be smaller than it was, but the profile probably tapers a little already. It's an opportunity...
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    Pre-tension a fusee

    On (6), just a caveat that running the clock at high speed here is not without risks. If you want to let the mechanism turn over to run the line/chain out onto the barrel and not wait 8 days, maybe press a finger lightly on the third wheel arbor (or basically any of the high speed arbors) as a...
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    A nice little resilvering project

    This Winterhalder and Hoffmeier dial was in a sorry state. I think it was brown boot polish in the VIII numeral! It's usually possible to tell when W&H dials have not been restored, partly because they look very old and worn, but also there is a layer of copper under the silver (I assume this...
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    Minute wheel - clutch query?

    Often, the friction washer (clutch) tips have cut grooves. I suspect this is generally caused when the part has been oiled at some stage. If you carefully polish out these defects, a nice even level of friction can be achieved. It has no bearing on the clock as such but it can lead to fine...
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    My First Ansonia!

    Congratulations on this clock - I share your excitement! If you really want the movement to shine, you could use a soft toothbrush and Maas metal cleaner which will remove the tarnishing (but it will take a considerable amount of elbow grease). You'll then need to wash again in a solution that...
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    My carpenter won't let me take my face off...

    Compliments on the lovely dial and likeable automaton! This is a nice clock face, very friendly. Good luck with the servicing.
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    let- down tool- homemade?

    Willie, just to avoid any confusion, the reason I won't use a key despite holding on the click, is that the key will have wings that can cause harm if there's any lapse on my part. Using a round shaft you can grip (and not let go of willingly) is exactly where I sit on the 'risk spectrum'. My...
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    let- down tool- homemade?

    If you get one of the commercially-available let-down tools, a nice improvement is to put some grip tape on it (like tennis racket handles). Personally, I find having a bigger/fatter handle is beter, and rather than letting the tool turn in my palm I prefer to stop on the click (ratchet) and...
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    What do you use as a "Mark" when setting timing?

    My starting point for aligning the hands is that they must lie over each other at 12 o'clock. This is a good place to start as it is quite obvious when there's an offset. Other good points for alignment (e.g. when the face is not on the front) are 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. Depending on the movement...
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    Replacement of Mainsprings

    Trifix are Swiss made, not expensive, and have an excellent reputation. Fingers crossed for a source in the USA for you, as these springs would seem to be very much preferable based on what's been said here lately. I've been doing some mathematics research on springs today. I'm trying to arrive...
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    Help with Kienzle clock

    DRP and DRGM are the Deutsches Patent-und Markenamt (German Patent and Trademarks) numbers. Deutsches Reichspatent and Deutsches Reichs Gebrauchs Musterschutz respectively. DRP 283312 is dated 1915 (this relates to the pin locking the arbor inside the mainspring barrels - you'll soon find it...
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    Replacement of Mainsprings

    Do you have access to Trifix springs in the States, Shutterbug? I haven't seen any dodgy springs from them, and the UK wholesalers carry virtually everything under that brand.
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    Help is this pivot dead?

    Repivoting is the answer I'm afraid Peter. Do you have access to a lathe? There are no spare parts for these clocks. Similar movements may be out there but then you're turning one broken clock into another. Making a new arbor and restaking is more involved than repivoting too. The state of that...
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    Help is this pivot dead?

    If the pivot is less than 1/3rd of the arbor diameter, it is generally good to repivot. This one looks really damaged. Do you know what happened?
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    Replacement of Mainsprings

    "Set but in great condition" is not so common! Springs become set when they are left unused for a long time (often you will find lots of gunge crusted onto the spring leaves too - oil that has broken down is rather a thick, tar-like substance which eventually goes very hard). You can of course...

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