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    Need help with 3D printed design

    Well said. I agree that the OP has a great looking model. Printed parts can be quite precise with very repeatable results, however adjustments should be made to account for specific characteristics of the 3D printer. Copying a design that was refined over hundreds of years to be machined from...
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    Fully plastic 3D printed clock

    Nicely built clock. I have been building 3D printed clocks with different design criteria. A fully printed clock is really cool for showing off what a 3D printer can do, but as you have discovered it can result in serious limitations. I wanted much more than 1.5 hours of run time, so I decided...
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    Absolute precision or close enough

    If you are perusing Thingiverse for clock models to 3D print, then my opinion is that you are over-analyzing a few things. A 3D printer will produce a good enough impulse angle, even if it is 1 degree away from theoretical. A bigger issue is that the 3D printer will not be able to produce...
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    Steel or Invar pendulum

    Does the rate of the clock change when you change temperature? Steve
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    Synchronous motor heat question.

    I have been running a test of some 4W TYC-50 motors running at around 50% of the rated voltage. Half the voltage at half the current brings the power down to around 1W. They seem to run just fine with the expected lower power output, which seems to be more than sufficient for powering a clock...
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    Marble wooden clock

    Very nice looking. I like the contrast between different woods. Steve
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    3D Printing Clock Parts

    Yes, it is like a computer controlled hot glue gun with a very fine nozzle. This doesn't seem much different than injection molding where molten plastic is pushed into a mold. I think that the technology will eventually be capable of producing low volume replacement parts. There will always...
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    3D Printing Clock Parts

    Very interesting post. Thanks for collecting the data and posting it. I have also been doing some experiments with 3D printers for clock gears. The first experiment was for the tooth size in PLA on a Prusa MK3 printer. I tried pitches ranging from 10DP to 40DP, before settling on 20DP as a...
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    Cable for a 31 day clock

    I built a clock with 8' of fishing line wrapped around a 1" drum. The line wraps randomly and overlaps itself to around 1.1" diameter. This increases the driving force about 10% at some times but not others. The suggestion about extra friction from the overlapping layers is probably also...
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    Movement availability / source?

    It appears that Klockit does have a recordable clock module for around $40. 10 Second Recordable Dual-Chime Pendulum Quartz Clock Movement I am surprised that they are not more common considering that you can find recordable greeting cards at the grocery store. Steve
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    Woodentimers gone off line?

    I have not heard back from Mr Atkinson. I hope all is well with him and he comes back online. His designs are really incredible. My Sextus is assembled and working properly. I now wish that I had stained the frame for better contrast like the images on his web site. My version looks a bit...
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    Woodentimers gone off line?

    I emailed David Atkinson a few days ago with a question about the Sextus clock kit but haven't heard back yet. Hopefully, it is related to his upcoming vacation and will be resolved when he returns. btw: The component quality in the kit is amazing. I have no doubt that he will resolve the...
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