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    Help dating a Savage 2-pin

    Hi Andrew! I have also one similar pocket watch movement with Savage 2 pin escapement. Mine was made by William Haddack, he was active in Bath from 1798 to 1819. Unfortunately, my movements pallet fork is broken. At first, I thought maybe I could fix this faulty part, but I don’t have the...
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    unsigned minute repeater

    Previusly week i bought an unsigned repeater pocket watch in gunmetal case. After I taking off the dial, I was very surprised, it turned out to be a minute repeater pocket watch! Not the highest quality, the hammers are not jewelled. Does anyone know maybe who the manufacturer is?
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    Early Vacheron Constantin chronograph

    Hi Tick Talk! Yes, this Veuve C. Vacheron chronograph i found also. I upload a picture from an similar chronograph, this was also featured in this exhibition, and according to the caption: calibre RA 19" N II chrono.
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    Early Vacheron Constantin chronograph

    Here is the picture from the gold hallmark.
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    Early Vacheron Constantin chronograph

    Hi Dr Jon! The case seems to be original, because both case back has a Vacheron's maltese cross marking. And has french gold hallmark. Later i make a new picture from this.
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    Early Vacheron Constantin chronograph

    The latest piece in my collection, an early Vacheron Constantin chronograph, serial number: 160388. In my opinion the year of manufacture maybe 1876 or 1877. Somewhere I read, that Vacheron at this time started making a chronographs. My question: How rare is this pocket watch? I have found just...
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    Unusual Touchon

    Just one more comment, i think this two Touchons, and the Agassiz is very similar to these. I would not be very surprised if it turns out, that originally both types of LeCoutre ebauche ;-) Once when i get to the LeCoultre factory Heritage Gallery, i will check this!
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    Unusual Touchon

    Hi Dr. Jon! Jules Monard (Geneva) used also very often this type of ebauche! As a private label watch i have been seen also J E Caldwell so one. Here are examples of this (the serial numbers are aligned to your touchon movement).
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    pocket watch movements with two maltese cross "nest"

    Dear forum readers! I have one movement, on which it is visible two maltese cross "nest". I have few years earlier presented this movement here in the forum. My movement shows, that this is the result of a previous repair. (a broken screw, and a lack of gilding in the newly created "nest")...
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    Dent free-sprung movement, 61 Strand Street LONDON

    Hi Graham! Really don’t need 2 Maltese crosses, as one does the job perfectly! And indeed in most cases the lack of gilding is visible, so it must have been made later. But here one movement, that all two maltese cross "nest" has gilding... I didn't mean that the finger piece part has two...
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    Dent free-sprung movement, 61 Strand Street LONDON

    Hi Graham! Thank you very much your reply, but i think that you will send picture from the movement also;-) If possible, i would thanks again! Yes, my movement it also looks like, that a result of later repair. But i wasn’t sure, because i have one picture in my collection that both maltese...
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    Dent free-sprung movement, 61 Strand Street LONDON

    Hi Graham! In your second comments it can be seen a barrell with 2 maltese cross "nest". I have also one movement with so solution. If you can upload here some photos from this movement, please do it (I collect these, there are already some examples.) I don't know that does have any function...
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    Did I Find a Real Patek Phillippe Movement and Dial? Also Heuer and Depose with Chime!

    Hi! The first movement is a genuine Patek movement, but missing some parts (escape wheel and bridge, hour wheel, winding stem, crown, screws, hands and some parts from a winding system etc.) This parts realy hard to find! This movement is usable just to a part! in my opinion. I do not recommend...

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