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    Please help me troubleshoot my lathe problem

    Before you take thing apart try something else in the lathe and see if it runs true in the taper. Try several of your collets with a length of drill rod in them. Does the rod run true. If your 3 jaw chuck uses the taper try it without the jaws in it and check the face of the chuck body. If...
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    Introductory Membership

    Of course if you want to recruit 25 members in your local area, you could form a chapter there also. One of the things that STOPS this from happening is that they have to become FULL MEMBERS of the NAWCC first to do so. If people are providing their own meeting venue, their own office bearers...
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    Introductory Membership

    This idea has been talked to death in a number of different forms and there is simply no interest. It is all or nothing if you want to join here. The fact that you can not attend meetings or use much of what you are asked to pay for is just not taken into account.
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    How do I clean Jeweler's files??

    A quick and cost effective solution is to find a stiff 1 inch paint brush (new) and using a sharp knife cut the bristles off leaving only about 1/4 inch sticking out of the metal guard. You will find this will do a pretty good job of cleaning files without being hard enough to take the edge off...
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    I Bought The Clock, Do I Now Own the Photos?

    Sounds like the wise thing to do is ask permission to use any pics first and then keep a copy of any affirmative reply.
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    I Bought The Clock, Do I Now Own the Photos?

    Just to add another twist if someone listed an item on ebay and I asked the seller permission to use the pics and he agrees, am I still able to use them regardless of who ends up buying the item. My permission for use would have been granted before the sale. Can it be revoked after the sale...
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    Lathe identification

    I would add one more that is a great cause of problems to new players. Cutting Speed. Either they go to fast and blunt the cutting tools or they go too slow and break drills etc. To start you might have to consult some charts but after a bit the lathe will sort of talk to you and you will...
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    Curiosity about watchmaker lathe

    Normally when you turn between centres you have a centre hole in the end of the job which is supported by the male pointy bit. You may have seen this in the end of clock shafts. This system is also used to support anything long. You would also use it to support carriers for turning wheels etc...
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    Gustav Becker Fakes

    Re: Fakes on Ebay Nice to see the direction this thread has taken. My only concern putting it here is that it will soon disappear into history as new topics push it down the list. I would like to see it and likely there may be other similar threads on other matters collected together into one...
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    Gustav Becker Fakes

    Re: Fakes on Ebay I was not coming from a place where any particular seller should be challenged. That is not something the NAWCC should do. I was coming from a place of identifying Fake or Reproduction items and providing general information so people can spot them. Along the lines - Anyone...
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    Gustav Becker Fakes

    Re: Fakes on Ebay If there are numerous version with the same serial no then I think you are on safe ground. Remember also it is not just the initial seller causing the problem but how many other people might get caught as those items change hands over time. Finally the NAWCC TEACHES...
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    Gustav Becker Fakes

    Re: Fakes on Ebay I don't think it is reasonable to expect Ebay to act if the "premium body in collecting" is not willing to do something themselves. Granted you can not put down a particular seller but what would be wrong with some kind of warning to anyone who cares to read it that...
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    Model Train Transformer

    A couple of places have provided over the years a power supply device whatever for use with small electric tools like drills. It is a box with whatever inside and a socket into which you plug the tool. A knob on the side can be turned to alter the speed of the drill. Not sure if they are still...
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    Another Ultrasonic Cleaner Question But For Pocket Watches And Wristwatches

    For small stuff you use a jar with cleaning fluid in it and place that jar in the larger unit with water in the unit to the same level as the fluid in the jar. If however you get a very small unit you will never be able to clean anything bigger in it. Both , assuming the same quality and watts...
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    I have one very like the one pictured with the same box and draw underneath. It is marked Rapport England ( doesn't say made by ) Age unknown. The charts are also marked Rapport printed in England. No 276. Came to me from an old friend who passed. A nice keepsake.

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