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    Lady Pocket Watch marked JS&F

    This is a nice Lady pocket watch with a nice chain and a pendant with a picture Frame. We are not sure but suppose the watch was made in USA or for the american market, anyway we could not find JS&F in the European trade mark Indexes. Here are some pictures of the watch, maybe somebody here in...
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    Silicone lubricant for mainsprings?

    Silicone in or on a movement is also a big problem for soldering. If anybody had used a silicon lubricant in the past it's difficult to solder on any part of the movement. The tin not longer combine with the brass or steel and no flux what I know can solve this problem.
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    My name is John and I'm a clockoholic.

    Yes infected with the same mental disease I have: The excessive clock collection illness. :Party: But what else, it doesn't hurt.
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    what might be the cause of this?

    I think it's better to do the service first (cleaning and check of bushings and pivots) and than make the decision if a new mainspring is necessary or not. :)
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    Amplitude of Comtoise clock

    Oh, thank you! I've learned ever to use grease on suspensions because Oil doesn't stay on the place where you put it.
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    Amplitude of Comtoise clock

    I'm a little bit confused, isn't better to use grease instead of oil for the pallets? Or is this a special thing for verge suspension? :confused:
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    Converting a spring driven clock to a Weight driven one.

    Hello Alex, do you know the minimum possible spring force for driving the clock? I dont really know it but im fear the needed weight to replacing the springs will be verry heavy. An other problem could be the size of the housing. Normally the housings of weight driven clocks are longer than the...
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    My new French clock - Info please!!

    The mark FC in a circle was used from Gaston Japy in Beancour, France. I found this at but unfortunately this is a german website. :( Chris
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    Paint stripper and bugs??

    thats correct and the worms are also more active at lower ambient temperatures but -20°C (the normal freezer temperature) are normally not reached in the regions where the worm live and 2 days shoud be long enough to saturate every wooden clock case. I self have used this method 2 times and it...
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    Paint stripper and bugs??

    An other possibility to kill the wood worms is to put the housing in a freezer for two days. But for a vienna regulator I fear you need a verry large one. ng Chris

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