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    Cracked dials - yea or nay?

    Buying a watch is making about a dozen and a half tradeoffs: 1) How much does it cost? 2) How is the movement? >> Is it rare? >> Is it complete? >> Is it a combination of movement parts (aka a Frankenwatch)? >> What would it take to get it running like new? 3) How is the dial? >> Is it cracked...
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    I did a little bottom fishing and caught something. I put in a low bid and wound up with this circa 1889 15J HC LS Model 1 Grade 103 S/N 3574323 G. M Wheeler for $31.50 (including S&H). They made 74,000 of these. It has some crud on the movement and inside the cover that looks like rust, but I'm...
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Here is my 905: I see the links are broken. I'll have to add some pictures.
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Big disappointment! I "bought the dial" on this Hampden watch. Spent nearly $75. When I opened it up, all I found was this boring SN 3265639 Model 3 circa 1914 18s 15J PS unadjusted common Dueber Watch Co. I'll throw it in my "sell if I ever get up the energy" pile. Better luck next time!
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    This appeared in my mailbox today. I bought the dial without seeing the movement and paid $73.88 (including SH&T). I think I like that "Christmas morning" anticipation of opening the back and seeing what I bought. I always hope for at least 21J. This one turned out to be only 17J (with a 25-year...
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    Rockford 18s 15j grade 79 for Peterson & Cos. "Railway"

    Yours is in much better shape than mine!
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    How common are pocket watches that can be both stem wound as well as key wound?

    Welcome fellow Columbus owner/collector. Here is a link to my Columbus transitional movements:
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    National American Railroad Pocket Watch Day April 18th

    How about one that says Railway on it?
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    Non Magnetic Watch

    Just a point of information. Your serial number is on the movement and is 5 digits. It looks like it might be 36809 (not 243482) from your picture.
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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    I'd choose a honkin' big 18s, high jewel, rare one that was given to me by my grandfather.
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    Highest Grade Dueber Hampden

    Here's the thread about the Grade 104 that I started:
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    Here's my Crescent Streets

    I have just one Model 1892 Crescent Street from the first run of 1000: S/N 7007806
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    Need Help From the Experts

    Greg, Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.
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    Need Help From the Experts

    Thanks for your expertise, Greg. Do we have any records of production numbers of these? In my dated (2005) Price Guide, I see that the HC version is worth more. Does this mean fewer were made or that collectors prefer the HC version? Thanks for your help.
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    Need Help From the Experts

    Now you have me wondering about my hunting case S/N 33,128 Peoria Non-Magnetic. Can anyone venture a guess as to the grade and production? I tried to get a shot that shows the damascening.

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