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    HELP!!I think I broke my Bunn Special

    If your symptom is that you turn the crown and it never reaches a point of being fully wound ("it kept winding without stopping") then your mainspring broke and needs replacing. You might be able to store a little energy in the broken spring to power the watch for 10 seconds. Good luck, Stan
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    Old key wind with no name just an eagle mark with anchor

    Is that a "KF" on the balance cock? Cheers, Stan
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    Original Engraving of Cases and Value

    I view the buyer's question from a different light. He may/may not care whether or not the case is engraved. What he is doing is negotiating. A valid answer to his question is: "No." Also, as you will witness above, there are buyers who have other feelings about engraved cases. If you are...
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    Help with Waltham movement

    Assuming I've read the serial number correctly (1,462,615), you have a model 1877 grade Broadway 18s 7J movement. There were 277,778 of these made. Cheers, Stan
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    Waltham '83 PS Bartlett 18s 17j adj Keystone case

    Here's the picture...
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    Waltham '83 PS Bartlett 18s 17j adj Keystone case

    citydweller, To answer your earlier question, they are pretty common. Below is one with nearly double the serial number. I think it only needs a new mainspring. I was going to use it for my first attempt to clean and repair an American 18s pocket watch - when I get the time. Cheers, Stan
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    Help identifying watchmaker?

    Are we convinced the movement is German? I note the A/R (Avance/Retard) on the regulator. Could it be a Swiss movement housed in a German made case? I didn't find the anchor trademark on There was another source for German makers listed there but I speak no...
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    Waltham '83 PS Bartlett 18s 17j adj Keystone case

    Wouldn't the fact that it is pendant set prevent it from being accepted as a RR watch? Cheers, Stan
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    American PW Waltham mainsprings

    I have a bunch of NOS mainsprings. I have about 20 of the 2228 and 4 of the 2230. Let me know if you need some. Cheers, Stan
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    Questions and pleas for help from a newbie

    Chris, Here is discussion that starts off the same as yours and talks about starting to repair watches: Click Here Cheers, Stan
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    Military Watch Maker - Canadian ?

    I searched the trademarks at Antique Horology. The only single star appears to be Jughans of Germany. Given what others have said, I doubt that that is correct. Cheers, Stan
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    confirm this American waltham please and 14k case

    Could be "Fayes Co."? Cheers, Stan
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    How to regulate a verge

    protec, If you place it dial up on a table to check timing, put a rubber mat under the watch. The rotation of the balance wheel will cause the watch to move a little on a smooth surface and throw the timing off. Cheers, Stan
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    Elgin Grade 276

    Here is the dial. I thought the style of the dial would be from 19-teens but the Elgin database says that it is circa 1902. Cheers, Stan Aside: Bob, I would consider selling or trading (what have you got?). I'll send high res pictures and a list of condition problems when I get a chance (to...
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    American PW Should this Roller Jewel be replaced?

    Bill, I think these are client decisions. I'd present it as: I can make it run and keep time for $X but it really needs such and such to be done soon and that'll cost $2X or I can restore it which will take such and such and so and so and that'll cost $10X Pretty much like...

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