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    hermle clock movement 451-050

    Try this website ... seems to cover most Hermle Movements :- Hope this helps Steve
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    "War Alarm" clock

    Re: I have two of these clocks, though how they ended up in Hampshire in the the UK I have no idea. I believe that during WW11, the production of domestic clocks in the USA was halted, with all of the manufacturers doing war work .. chronometers for both the Navy, and airforce, watches for...
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    Winterhalder & Hofmeyer ting-tang

    Managed to find some time from the Christmas shopping ( Hooray! ) , and had a look at a W&H movement .. Hope these help.. If the photos don't appear .. try Hope they help .. Steve
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    Make-Your-Own bushings?

    My own lathe is quite small, and doesn't really have the power to use a cut-off tool. I've never thought of using an X-Acto blade, and may give it a try. David's suggestion of using the jewelers saw is a good one .. I found that using my piercing saw, with the blade reversed , parts off pieces...
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    paint splatter problem

    Has anybody noticed that these splashes are nearly always what was known as "Magnolia" ? Seem to be on every clock that has come my way - must have occurred when the "expensive purchase, wedding present" became part of the furniture, and then wasn't even worth moving , or covering, when...
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    My First 'Ping'

    John, Have just done a quick check through various catlogues .. I knew I'd bought a "Floor full" from somewhere, and they are listed as part #A9798 with Cousins .(Hairspring Pins - Wrist Assorted x100) . However .. the sad news .. they do not appear to be listed on their web site, so may be...
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    My First 'Ping'

    John, These pins are available from the supply houses here in the UK .. try ( Cousins), or Meadows and Passmore (No connection with either ) I agree .. they disappear from your tweezers, all too readily Steve
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    ...and while I'm asking about mainsprings...

    Why not remove the arbor, and replace with one from probably a chime barrel, where the hook faces the other direction, and the squared end, is on the open side of the barrel. When replacing, use this 'reverse arbor' to wind, and insert in the barrel, then replace with the correct arbor
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    What Does This Thing Do??

    Bangster, the pin on the end of the lever extends through the dial, and is the "Chime - Silent" control. The extended oval hole means that the same movement will fit dials of differing diameters. Steve
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    Gustav Becker or Junghans?

    I have a clock in an identical case, and similar dial, but not as good condition. It is a DUFA, with Westminster chime, the going train supplying the motive power for the chime - takes a longish spring, that is quite powerful .. interesting movement, but not one of my favourites.. A ****** to...
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    Hairline crack in porcelain dial

    Like Veritas, I've used denture cleaner (Steradent), on pocket watch dials, and on porcelain clock dials, with excellent results. I've also used Hydrogen peroxide ( applied with a cotton bud ). In each case, rinse carefully with clean water. I've also used Fairy Liquid , but note , it leaves the...
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    Staking set cleanup

    David, I had the same problem with rust,in my workshop .. well heavy condensation when the weather turned chilly, not the famous North Sea mist. Solved it by 'borrowing' the heater from my greenhouse .. has much lower thermostatic settings than a domestic one, .. right down to frost free .. so...
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    What kind of floor do you have in your shop-are you happy with it?

    Plain vinyl ... easily swept, a degree of softness, so stuff doesn't bounce too far. Turned up about 3 inches where it meets the walls, to keep the blasted little parts from disappearing. Still manage to lose the odd irreplaceable part though .. just haven't discovered where the 'black hole' in...
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    Freesprung balance, detached lever: defined, differentiated

    I too , have problems understanding how some of the escapements work, but have found the animations at the following site of immense value : .. They can be found by clicking on "Theory", on the left hand menu. Steve
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    French Marble Clock???

    Hi dtm, The info held at would date your movement somewhere between 1860, and 1889. Steve

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