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    Mystery European Repeater Movement

    Hi - did you find out any information on this movement? I have a very similar one but know little about it. Thanks
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    *Stolen* Gold pair cased verge by Daniel Quare, No. 2025

    Hello Pete who runs the website Cogs & Pieces ( has had a watch stolen whilst in transit with UPS in the last week or so. He believes the watch was stolen from the UPS warehouse in Castle Donnington (UK). The watch was stolen whilst in transit with UPS between Denmark and...
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    This is both unfortunate and depressing...

    Hi Pmwas Never say never... I have lots of old partial movements etc - so I had a look through them earlier. I have this European verge movement that looks remarkably like yours, although no calendar works. The layout looks the same even down the pillar style and positioning of the numbering...
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    Liverpool Massey Type II - Help Identifying Maker?

    Hi Thanks for the information. I've attached a few more pictures for reference. I've checked the hallmark and it's Chester 1828 (not 26). Case makers mark T.H&Co with no cameo - I can't find anything in Priestly about this maker. I'm almost certain it's not a re-case. The movement fits...
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    Liverpool Massey Type II - Help Identifying Maker?

    Hi I have just serviced this Massey type ii lever movement. Can anyone tell me the makers name? I cannot make it out. It is No.543. The case hallmark dates it to 1826. It seems to be of excellent quality. Also unusual that the plates are held together with screws that go into the pillars...
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    English Verge / Fusee Watch Papers & Samplers

    Thanks Pat. The fur is very thin, as you suggest it's not much thicker than a silk sampler.
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    English Verge / Fusee Watch Papers & Samplers

    Here's a few more pictures of the back of the piece of fur. I've tried a few different settings but couldn't get anything that cleared up the writing. All I can make out is what looks to be a time and date, something like: "1814 November 12 6 O'Clock" at the bottom over 3 lines...
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    English Verge / Fusee Watch Papers & Samplers

    Hi I've found some interesting items in the back of a silver pair cased verge watch hallmarked 1805. The watch was dirty and had obviously been stored away for many years so it's very plausible that these items are original to this watch and belonged to the original owner. The sampler is dated...
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    18k Tiffany & Co New York Swiss Made Patek Philippe ?~1899

    Hi there I stumbled across this thread whilst researching a small Tiffany & Co 18ct half hunter that I have. The movement in mine looks very similar to the one in this thread and is numbered 78382 in a similar font to the above. The movement measures 29mm across. Patek have just emailed me...
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    Newsome & Co Kew Karrusel 18ct Pocket Wath 1895

    Hi Dr.Jon I'm impressed that you were able to find results for my actual watch. It makes for very interesting reading and I am very pleased to hear my non-magnetic watch was top if its class that year (albeit a non-magnetic class)! Thanks Ben
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    Newsome & Co Kew Karrusel 18ct Pocket Wath 1895

    Hi Graham, Dr.Jon and Ethan Thanks very much for the quick replies and excellent information about my watch. It's interesting but not unsurprising to see the variations in auction results, I guess it all depends on how the buyers in the salerooms are feeling on certain days! As the inventor...
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    Newsome & Co Kew Karrusel 18ct Pocket Wath 1895

    Hi I've had this watch for a while and never had it valued, I bought it a few years ago mainly for the interesting Karrusel / Carousel (?). I have no real desire to sell it, I'm just curious as to its value and any more information as this type of watch is by no means my area of expertise...
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    Anderton Eberhardt & Co 14K Full Hunter

    Hi Ethan Thanks for the in depth response. I actually scrolled through every page of your document earlier looking for a movement that resembled mine but as you say nothing was all that close. I found your document very interesting though - a great piece of work that’s obviously taken you...
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    Anderton Eberhardt & Co 14K Full Hunter

    Hi I posted this a couple of days ago in an American thread with no luck - please remove if I am not allowed to post it twice. Can anyone identify the maker of this movement? It's Swiss and made and retailed for the American market by Anderton Eberhardt & Co, Dayton O (Ohio). I've had it for...
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    European Private Label Watches for the American Market

    Hi Jeff I also came across this Audemars Moonphase Calendar pocket watch from a 2012 Auction catalogue, earlier date than yours but not too dissimilar movement configuration. Ben

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