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    K&D Inverto Deluxe--need picture of complete set

    Click here for everything K&D staking
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    Watch Open Character watch parts wanted.

    Hello Elgin_Galaxie. Yes, I am still looking for the parts and am interested. I will contact you through PM. Thanks Smudgy
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    Overbanking question

    You may want to check where the escape wheel teeth land on the pallets, making sure they land on the locking face. I wouldn't expect a stationary clock to overbank even if the roller and dart were removed. Without something to cause the lever to cross over, like the clock moving or being bumped...
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    Bulova Ultrasonic Watchmaster Issue

    You can find generic knobs at places like McMaster-Carr. They should work but may look a little different if the manufacturer used a proprietary design.
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    Model 1904 main wheel

    If NC Plumber doesn't have what you are looking for try posting in the Parts Wanted forum (under Horological Miscellany).
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    Bergeon pivot drilling tool?

    That's not for drilling pivots, but for polishing pivots on a WW lathe. The different sized pivots fit in the grooves and then are burnished with a burnisher to polish them. It can be used on any lathe that has a headstock of the same height as the centerline of the top groove when mounted on a...
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    American PW Elgin Balance Staff Replacement

    It may be best to check that the staff fits the jewels (pivots and length) prior to riveting in the staff, and polish the pivots if needed. When removing the old staff don't drive the old staff out, but cut the balance out from the back so that the rivet won't make the hole in the balance...
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    valjoux 72 winding issue

    If it winds 23 turns before it slips it is probably a broken mainspring, or a problem with the barrel hook keeping connection. If the watch is skipping teeth on each turn of the mainspring barrel it is more likely to be a problem related to the ratchet and ratchet wheel and will be visible as...
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    American PW Elgin Convertible Help

    If you go to bend the cannon pinion to tighten the friction put a smoothing broach inside it to control how much it bends. Do the bending in small increments by putting the broach in then backing it out just a little. Check the fit after each attempt. Cannon pinions will sometimes collapse or...
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    1880 Elgin 18s Model 1 Grade 13 Key Wind Pocket Watch

    It sounds like the mainspring is slipping off of the barrel hook or a broken mainspring.
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    Pallet fork repair

    Counter-clockwise to unscrew, like a regular right hand thread screw.
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    Feeling a tad lost ...

    Sounds like a good time to build tools.
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    Where to buy timing washers

    `You should be able to get them from whatever material house you work with. I bought some from S.LaRose while they were still around, but if you talk to the operator they may have some. The material houses may not have an assortment, but will sell refills if you know size and time change...
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    Sourcing or Making a Duplex Balance Staff

    I made one of these on a watchmakers lathe before (also for a New England watch, and no, they don't seem to exist). My lathe has a milling attachment, which was needed. I also made the cutter from 0-1 stock, but if I were to do it again I would see if using a Dremel bit and narrowing it down...
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    Cleaning a Mainspring

    Check the condition of the barrel hook. Sometimes the edge of the barrel hook will round off and when too much tension is applied to the spring the spring hook slips loose, only to catch again when the tension is relieved and the hook will then attach again. Putting the bend on the end of the...

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