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    RUF Urania

    Here is my finished picture RUF Urania.
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Completed. it is missing the two downward pointing finials off of the crown.
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Thank you Steve. I will now try to get two that look the same! I am in work on the movement.
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Thank you Tatyana and Lenzkirch fan. I am not used to both quick and useful replies on the NAWCC site anymore. Makes me want to come back! I am happy that it isn't a "marriage" although the backboard has a lot of extra holes. Yes, please weigh some weights. I was surprised I couldn't find any...
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    Post your Lenzkirch clocks here.

    Help please. I have tried to research with no luck (including reading many of the posts in this thread). What are the correct weights for Lenzkirch clocks? Here is one I am working on and it came with 2 miss-matched weights (both in weight and looks). One is 3 lbs 3 oz, the other is 3 lbs 10...
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    Vedette wall clocks - case styles

    COTD is a French made(by Vedette) wall clock. Pretty big and heavy. 8 day, with dual chimes. Choice between Ave Maria and Westminster. Beveled glass. Circa 1930s. Our first clock that plays Ave Maria.
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    R.I.P., Ron Bechler

    Very sorry to hear Ron has passed. Very nice and helpful man. We have a few Chelsea clocks from him that we got over the years. We will miss him at the SouthWest California regional too.
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    RUF Urania

    Thank you Tatyana, John Hubby didn't answer. Here is one I am working on.
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    RUF Urania

    John Hubby, do you still want more picks of this companies clocks?
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    Oriental Clocks

    Eikosha box clock. Bim Bam(Ting Tang) strike. 8 day. Interesting "mother of pearl" on the pendulum, hands and dial.
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    Torsion 400-Day, ATMOS, & Torsion Clock Parts Wanted

    I tried to view the attachment in post #94 above and I got an error. Why? I still don't like the new (now older) format of the forums...
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    Post your Kroeber Clocks Here

    May be my only F Kroeber. The embossing? is nice on the back plate. Case is some kind of metal.
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    Waterbury #20 ships clock

    I am not sure you have to move the hour hand. If it is striking 8 bells(dings) at 8 o'clock like you describe, that is correct.
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    Sears Roebuck Cuckoo weights

    Shutterbug, Thank you for the help. That is the way I currently have them. I am concerned that none of the patterns for the three weights match so I don't know if what the original weights were or sizes. Harold Bain, I will check again, but because of the size of the two bigger weights, I...
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    Sears Roebuck Cuckoo weights

    Have not seen much on this. A friend has a 1920s? cuckoo, marked Sears Roebuck with non matching weights. I realize the clock was made in Germany by who knows what company. It is a quarter striking (quail?) and hour striking cuckoo. Eight day clock. Is one of the weights supposed to be...

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