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    Post your Pennwood Numechrons Here

    Here is a Pennwood 190 "Calchron," which looks like a standard Pennwood but is a calendar.
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    Quiet Relay?

    Here is what I did with a similar situation, but involving a door chime setup, to use parts I had on hand already, and where AC power was available for the relay coil. I took a small sealed DC relay and powered it with AC through a tiny full wave rectifier, all mounted on a small circuit board...
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    Question about Hammond Bichronous clock movements

    That is exactly what it is.
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    Standard Electric Recommendation for Electronic Master Controller for Single Slave?

    Here is a useful article: Standard Electric Time Company Technical Information If you want only to impulse the clock every minute and are handy with electrical things, you can make a device that will do that, once you figure out what voltage is required. There are various articles and methods...
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    Seek IBM 6148 relay

    Often a DC relay will run fine on AC if you connect it through a rectifier.
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    Restoring SWCC Type F with Ken Reindel – MONDAY!

    I missed this and hope the recording can be posted.
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    IBM Slave Timer

    If you need only a minute impulser, you can either buy one or, if you are handy with basic electrical things, make one. There are various ways to make one. Information on both is available on the internet, or if you would like to know how I did it, email to skruft@comcast.net. Before you...
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    Restoring 2 Motors with Ken Reindel – Tonight!

    By any chance did you record it?
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    Standard Electric Copper Caps for master clock coils

    This is a very, very impressive example of a member helping another!
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    American I can't identify this plug receptacle

    I do not know what clock this is, but a similar receptacle is used on some old Telechron and Sangamo shelf clocks. There was some recent discussion of making one of the same general nature from something else on the Telechron forums. I have never heard of replacements being available. I see...
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    General Electric C-16 with Telechron Rotor

    Very interesting! I have a clock that is like this. except that it makes the brief contact once per hour. I have seen another one that is physically shorter in height and contains only a clock mechanism, no switches. The only way to set the clock is to remove the front panel and move the hands...
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    Telechron Telechron timer -- repair thoughts?

    I agree. Most commonly in these clocks the rotor stops for lack of lubrication (a whole long story).
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    Repurposing IBM/Simplex Slave Clocks - Time setting???

    One way would be to find a used electronic, digital master clock, any of the many models that could be set to provide the correction signals to various brands of slave clocks. These were made in great numbers years ago to keep old systems running without having to maintain the original master...
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    Hammond Bichronous clock mechanism: how does it work?

    There may be a website about these, and there is a Hammond clock book. The Bichronous mechanism does not need to be very accurate because it is meant only to keep the clock running for a short time in the event of a power failure. Aside from that, it is a regular non-self-starting synchronous...
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    Standard Electric 'standard' master clock... '40s?

    This is very interesting. I believe what someone has done is, removed the original master clock mechanism that was in here, replaced the master clock movement on the front with a Standard "AR3" slave clock movement, and fabricated a new basic clock impulser, using a regular electric clock motor...
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