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    Newbie rebushing Urgos

    Peter There are smartphone apps that will do the job for you. Simon
  2. Simon Holt

    Sonora Chime Mainspring and Barrel

    Unless I've mis-understood the problem, the Ollie Baker winder is supplied with a hose clamp ring that you put round the barrel. There is then a rod that wedges under the clamp ring screw to prevent it turning. There is a PDF available from this site (item # 66) • Mike's Atmos Clock Clinic &...
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    Help For Bent Pivot

    1/8 inch, did you mean? If you can drill a 1/4 inch hole in a 1/4 inch rod, I'm impressed! ;) Simon
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    Longcase Restoration Project

    It'll last you a long time. Don't throw it away once contaminated – just let the contaminants settle out then decant off the clean. I keep a bucket (with a lid) half-full of paraffin, and I use it for dunking whole movements sometimes as a pre-clean process. Simon
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    Longcase Restoration Project

    Have you a local town shop that sells general hardware and household stuff? Or try a petrol station that sells logs, coal etc as parrafin is also used in some old fashioned heaters. Simon
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    Longcase Restoration Project

    Most hardware stores in England sell it, in 5 litre containers. I think it's very similar to domestic heating oil, but that's harder to get in small quantities. Simon
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    Vintage Helper Spring Rehab or Replacement?

    Just curious – does this technique work with synthetic oil? Simon
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    Best Clock Oil to use.

    Just to stress the need for synthetic oil, this is what happens to the non-synthetic type after a few years: Simon
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    Zaandam Resurrection

    That looks fairly clean, so if it was mine I'd put on a test stand straight away and see how it performs. If something isn't right, let us know (with video if possible, posted to YouTube and linked to here) and we can provide specific help. Simon
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    Mora Clock Alarm Crown Wheel

    Sorry - posted a reply in the wrong thread. Simon
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    Zaandam Resurrection

    Hi David Is yours like this? I have restored one of these but I don't have access to it at the moment because it's in someone else's shop window and the shop is closed... Here's a rear view; in my example, the pendulum crutch (the rod closest to the movement that has a loop at the bottom) does...
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    Longcase Restoration Project

    Posted in error...
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    Hamburg Strikes Correctly But Minute Hand Stays 10 Min Fast

    Is that even the correct hand? The shaft for the minute hand looks square in your photograph, and I wouldn't expect to find an oblong hole in a minute hand that is meant to fit on a square shaft. Simon
  14. Simon Holt

    Hamburg Strikes Correctly But Minute Hand Stays 10 Min Fast

    Here's a typical example: front side: Back side: The 'punched hole' referred to is the square hole for the minute shaft. You can see that the hole is in a brass piece that 'sandwiches' the steel hand. The brass piece is not glued, or soldered, nor in any other way fixed to the hand, so it can...
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    Baduf 3-train movement; auto-correction question

    It does make it slightly more fiddly to use the original arbors and barrels in my Joe Collins winder, but it will make final reassembly easier. Simon

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