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    Great great uncles Pocket watch ID Help?

    Although there's no engravings or allusions to "Railroad" this is more or less what would be described as a "Swiss fake". The movement is made in the American style to deliberately look like a Waltham Model 1870 or 1877. Personally, since it has no deceptive markings, I wouldn't class it as...
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    Lewis Samuel

    Hi John, I have 2 LS. 20599 and 20706. 20599 has been my profile picture, forever. Lovely gold dial w/ sub seconds. Still has the dust cap, also with the serial # and "W.W". 43mm diameter @ the pillar plate. Both are just movements. 20706 is missing the dial and some other components under the...
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    M.I. Tobias Rack Lever: Age?

    Hi P/L! Me either. So many mysteries. Who the heck is "M. Fracies"? Where did that come from? I'm wondering if Myer and Samuel were supposed to be representing their Uncle Morris interests in Liverpool in this 1805-1812 period, but they were not, really. Virtually as soon as they got there...
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    I am definitely not using my ultrasonic cleaner correctly (novice)

    Ultrasonic machines are not for cleaning watch movements. Together, or apart. They are typically far to aggressive for the delicate parts in a watch and are only used to clean specific, robust components, like the case. This video from Chronoglide is very instructive, I think. I hope it's ok to...
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    Is there a good substitute for Seiko 8122A?

    Thank you very much, Alex.
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    Weird cap jewel -- M. I. Tobias, Liverpool

    Cracked jewels are very bad. I'd say not passable if you expect to run it at all. Which, given that you are doing all this work on it, I presume you want it to run. Not only can each of those cracks have very sharp microscopic shears, but they also will draw the oil away from the pivot. No...
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    Is there a good substitute for Seiko 8122A?

    I don't usually do anything with quartz watch, but it's for a friend and has sentimental value for him. His watch has a discontinued 8122A that I would determine to be totally fubar. It's had an exploded battery in there for a long time. What can I replace that with?
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    Paul Chamberlain catalog piece has surfaced!

    That's super cool! I just read "It's About Time" this past year.
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    M.I. Tobias Rack Lever: Age?

    Ah! That is the one I have been reading. My PDF copy seems to end abruptly at the graph of Tobias genealogy. My big question has been, can anyone enlighten me as to what happened to Anne and Isaac Isaacs, the parents of Myer and Samuel that necessitated their adoption by their Uncle Morris...
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    M. I. and M. J. Tobias Liverpool

    I think I would conclude that they are in fact all "I" and that it's just so fancy and similar to the "J" in that script that we can't tell the difference. And we frequently find it listed as "M.J." in trade directories and other places because, they couldn't either. It's probably why he dropped...
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    M. I. and M. J. Tobias Liverpool

    Looking again, I have some questions about the original premise, too. Regarding the article from Morning Herald on the 20th May 1858, proclaiming him the "youngest son of "M. J. Tobias" Esq of Liverpool. Maybe the "J" is a typo, maybe it's not. It's the "Esq." bit that puzzles me. I'm not...
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    M. I. and M. J. Tobias Liverpool

    I am reading from Michael Edidin's Oct. 1992 NAWCC Bulletin article that in the Guildhall Library they have a watch paper from Morris Tobias & Company and that it gives their Liverpool address at 5 Pool Lane.
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    M. I. and M. J. Tobias Liverpool

    1805-1812 wouldn't M.I. Tobias have still been working with his Uncle, Morris? At least at the beginning of that period.
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    M. I. and M. J. Tobias Liverpool

    Fascinating. I can't say I have a position on the "I" vs. "J" other than it does look from the script samples that the J would have a longer stem. I'm more intrigued by the variation of "Isaacs" to "Isaac" when it seems so certain that Isaacs is proper. But, then I think of my own ancestry...
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    Royal Flying Corps cockpit watch.....

    I know this is a double old thread now, but for the record it's a Tavannes 918, iinm.

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