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    Another GB from Braunau - early SN?

    I just picked this clock up from the large internet flea-market as a Christmas gift for my daughter and son-in-law. I prefer the simple clean lines of the case and the simplicity of a time-only movement. I also liked the clock-maker's info on the dial and beat scale. It needs a bit of work...
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    Mercury pendulum on grandfather clock

    I see that you now have the clock, so this is old info, but it may be useful in the my former life as a weather guy, I used a mercurial barometer to calibrate the other barometers. On top of the barometer's case was a coffee can full of powdered sulfur and instructions to dust any...
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    Lenzkirch 2-Weight Dwarf(?) with Oddities

    Piotr, Thank you for the thread link. The second photo in your link shows the same crutch used as in mine. Odd that I have never noticed this type of crutch on any other Lenzkirch regulator. Glad to know that this wasn't a modification somewhere through time. Also, thank you for...
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    Lenzkirch 2-Weight Dwarf(?) with Oddities

    Thanks Peter. Do you have any idea if Lenzkirch used this type of crutch on the dwarf clocks?
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    Lenzkirch 2-Weight Dwarf(?) with Oddities

    I purchased a Lenzkirch 2-weight regulator on Ebay that has a few questionable qualities. The seller stated that it was a dwarf regulator. The only 'dwarfish' characteristics I can find are: the pendulum rod is definitely shorter than my other Lenzkirch regulators: 21 inches vs. 27 inches (tip...

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