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    Other Looking for a 6/0 stem

    I don't know what the specific term for the type of stem I need but it's a ball joint stem type I need. The picture in this posting shows a stem for a 10 ligne stem Waltham. If one notice the male part of the stem moves around. I need one for a 6/0 watch case.
  2. Shawn Moulder

    Favorite Watch Inscription

    Hey Rob, It reads, " To M M Morgan from Morehead Banking Co In token of high esteem 4th April 1899"
  3. Shawn Moulder

    Favorite Watch Inscription

    I don't own many watches with inscriptions on them but here is my favorite one.
  4. Shawn Moulder

    Two 6s Waltham movements one Amn W.Co. grade

    Here is my Waltham model 1889. Luckily it's cased.
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    European Private Label Watches for the American Market

    Here is a ladies gun metal case watch that was made by Longines for Bailey, Banks and Biddle. Sadly the gun metal finish is gone, but the beautiful black enamel dial is in spectacular condition.
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Here is my newest addition, another Waltham 00 size ladies hunter.
  7. Shawn Moulder

    An unusual dial Waltham

    In the picture below is a comparison of two Waltham Hubbard ruby dials. The left contains cabochon cut rubies while the right contains faceted rubies (it's hard to tell but one can notice the brilliance of the faceted cut rubies versus the cabochon ones).
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    An unusual dial Waltham

    Thanks to Jerry Treiman I found out what model my Waltham is. Here are some pictures of my two Waltham Hubbard in my collection that show the similarities between the "Albright" that I currently acquired.
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    An unusual dial Waltham

    When it comes to American made wristwatches it's unusual to see factory dials with gem stones set into them, and the ones you do see are usually jobber cased watches that are not factory. Hamilton is one of the few American watch companies to offer factory dials with diamonds set into them. On...
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    Other Looking for an ornate Elgin 0 dial open face

    Looking to purchase an ornate Elgin 0 size dial for an open face movement. I can find all the hunter face dials for an Elgin 0 size but not for open face. Thanks
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    Wild animal cases

    Here is an Elgin watch cased in a beautiful multi color gold case with a parrot. One of my favorite animal case watch.
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    Lovely Ladies -- European

    Here is a very ornate and Art Nouveau Gruen. The case is textured as a spider web with a diamond spider. The movement is 15 jewels, with an unusual gold center wheel.
  13. Shawn Moulder

    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Here is a beautiful 10 Ligne Waltham I recently acquired. The watch is housed in a beautiful 18k nouveau heavily carved case and crown. The case is decorated with a beautiful red ruby and diamonds.
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    Today a Girard Perregaux gyromatic with a Budwiser logo.
  15. Shawn Moulder

    Other girard perregaux gyromatic 42.2 date movement

    Want to buy a good running girard perregaux gyromatic 42.2 date movement. Prefer the 17 jewel version but also 39 jewel. Please send message if you have one for sale.

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