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  1. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Pins!

    Here is another watch pin I just acquired. It sadly seems not many members on here are to thrilled with watch pins, but I do mostly collect ladies watches.
  2. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Pins!

    Jerry, I believe at one point mine did have a matching pin in it's lifetime but it most likely departed from the watch over time. Here is my only other watch pin that matches my Waltham in theme wise. I just love the griffin/dragon design of my Waltham and it's pin I matched with it. The good...
  3. Shawn Moulder

    Watch Pins!

    I usually don't collect watch pins but I do once in a blue moon buy them. Here is a watch pin that I recently acquired. This pin was manufactured by the jewelry firm Carter Gough. I would love to see other watch pins that people have in their collection.
  4. Shawn Moulder

    Private label 0 size Watches

    Here is my first private label 0s watch. It's a 0s Elgin grade 205. John Wanamaker is the store the watch was engraved for. I would love to see other private label 0s watches.
  5. Shawn Moulder

    Other Watch Waltham Radium 12 size hands

    I need a set of Radium Hands for a 12 size Waltham. Thanks
  6. Shawn Moulder

    Waltham Model Non Magnetic

    I just recently bought a Waltham model 1883. I was wondering if the watch is a non magnetic one. I have read that some are marked and some aren't. The one I purchased has a white hairspring and the balance wheel serial number does match the movement. The balance wheel is a solid uniform metal...
  7. Shawn Moulder

    Gruen Patent wristwatch crown

    Does anybody have any information on this Gruen watch crown? Just recently I have been replacing my Gruen watches with signed crowns. One of the crowns I bought on the back is marked Patent Brevet with the Swiss cross. I'm wondering what the Patent is for? I'm believing it is a Patent for the...
  8. Shawn Moulder

    Hamilton Watch Co 994

    Your watch is a lever set watch. In order to move the hands one must open the front bezel and pull the lever out and your hands will be free to move. (Lever should be around the two marker). I'm assuming this is the reason one might think the stem needs to be replaced.
  9. Shawn Moulder

    Identifying mark on 1881 Elgin back case

    Looks to be like a case mark for the Keystone watch case company.
  10. Shawn Moulder

    Waltham 10 Ligne Dial Variations

    Hey Jerry love the private label dials especially the gold dot one. Are yours the Maximus grade or the A.W.Co grade?
  11. Shawn Moulder

    Waltham 10 Ligne Dial Variations

    Hey Ethan I still would be interested in seeing pictures of them. Thanks, Shawn
  12. Shawn Moulder

    Waltham 10 Ligne Dial Variations

    Just recently going through my watches I noticed my Waltham 10 Ligne watches had all different color dials. Two are Waltham Maximus while the other two are 16 jewels A.W.Co according to the serial numbers. The first A.W.Co dial is black with dot markers while the other is a bright red with dot...
  13. Shawn Moulder

    Wrist watches for men, who do not need large watches to show that they are men ;o)

    Here are 5 watches that I tend to wear sometimes. I haven't worn any of these lately but as one can see that I love diamonds in a watch. One Longines diamond mystery dial, Gruen Nobleman diamond curvex, Lord Elgin diamond, one Lecoultre diamond and a Hamilton Rutledge. Of the 5 I think the Gruen...
  14. Shawn Moulder

    For the love of ladies watches

    Hey Jerry the case is made by Depollier.
  15. Shawn Moulder

    Your Scarce Pocket Watches

    Here are two of my lowest production Waltham. Both are size 00s and with a run quantity of 800 and even rare they are cased.

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