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    Post your JUNGHANS clocks here

    Hi everyone, I just got this Junghans long case clock. Date code A13. Would anyone have an image of it from a catalogue? Thanks
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    Cleaning solution question

    I have gotten some Poly Chem Deox 007 to do some manual cleaning but my question is about the rinse product they produce, Polytect #2cb, is this needed or just recommended? Is a final water rinse and dry sufficient if done right away? Should an ISO alcohol bath be included? thx in advance
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    New mantle clock

    I just got this new little mantle clock. I love it. I was wondering if anyone can help identify it? No markings that I can see. on the back of the case is No 661 Any help appreciated!
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    My newest clock, Forestville Jewelled

    Hey thanks guys, yes it was the lever on the left. I thought it was a lock but just wanted to make sure. Looks like lock for hammers and bottom lock for chimes.
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    My newest clock, Forestville Jewelled

    I just got this Forestville jewelled clock. I think it's 1960's but I'm not sure about who makes the movement or how best to maintain. Also not sure about black lever on chime train(is it just for transport?). New to clocks so excuse my ignorance! Thanks for any help.

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