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    Bruce is buying a fantastic Sawin Gallery, and I come home with another ogee?

    Oh...........Gee ! You have a beautiful clock there . The Germans certainly outdid Jerome and themselves . Have you seen many German ogees ? Congratulations to you ! Sorry about the holes in the bottom board . It looks like they got the weights hot enough and pushed them right on through ...
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    What is this?

    Black forest frame clock . Usually 30 hour .
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    If you could only have one RR watch...

    I would want the watch Casey Jones was wearing for his last ride . Thanks...........
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    International Time Recording Company

    f.webster , The wind indicators do not come through the dial . You are missing the very tip piece . Make from tinplate steel , a T shape about 3/8" wide and 3/8 tall . Plus or minus . Wrap the arms of the T around the brass tip you have there and the vertical leg is bent 90 degrees . Now...
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    German Clock Family Heirloom

    It looks like it was made in second half of 1910 . Hank the pendulum on it and try to run it . What can it hurt ? Long term , it should be overhauled as it may never have been done . it's dirty and would accelerate wear .
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    missing pinion gear tooth count... anybody? (ansonia long drop)

    Always doubt me Bruce , as I do doubt me . Your Oscar Wilde quote suits me to a T !
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    missing pinion gear tooth count... anybody? (ansonia long drop)

    Well...........that's my story.......and I'm s....s....stickin' to it .
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    missing pinion gear tooth count... anybody? (ansonia long drop)

    Didn't they use one long trundle on that lantern pinion ? That's why the count wheel has saw teeth form . Solder on the lantern looks like someone has been there before .
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    19th c American Brewster and Ingrahams

    Thank you for the tour , RM . The clock is almost too good to believe . The bottom of the label has no watermark . Close to spooky good .
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    International Time Recording Company

    The weaker springs will drive the clock mechanisms .
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    International Time Recording Company

    I have had one of these clocks running for many years . Yours looks to be in very good / little wear condition . The overhaul of the movement is quite straightforward . I will suggest you change the springs to ones of .016" to .018" thickness . Originals are too strong and wear the great wheels...
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    Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing ! clock . Surely a clock that old must be haunted .
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    Identify Maker In Order to Repair

    Yes , the hand shaft is broken off . Do you have that with the minute hand ?
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    Identify Maker In Order to Repair

    Please point out missing parts positions . I see nothing missing . Pendulum , dial , hands . Take lots of photos and dive into it . Best Wishes !
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    Whale's Tails

    RM , I have a pillar & scroll made in the 1960s very much the quality of your clock . Every nail and glue block is 'just so' . Folks don't appreciate a case until they sat and tried to make one good example . I admire the clock as a tribute to the maker . I'm told he made a lot of period...

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